When the ‘educated’ Army officers become school teachers

B Muralidhar Reddy writes that appointment of a former chief of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence as Education Minister in Shaukat Aziz’s cabinet shows how the education reform process is going nowhere.

In his first policy statement, the new Education Minister praised the `present education policy’ as best suited to the needs of the country. He dismissed the textbooks controversy as `political propaganda’. He shocked civil society with his declaration that he would ask the GHQ (Pakistan Army Headquarters) to engage well-educated personnel of the Pakistan Army in the cantonments to educate school children in the area. He praised seminaries for their contribution to society, ignoring earlier declarations of Gen. Musharraf that madrassa reforms were key to tackling fundamentalism. [The Hindu]

The outcome of Musharraf’s failure to reform Pakistan’s education system presents the most dangerous long term threat to India.

3 thoughts on “Renaissance?”

  1. Yeah Jagdish,
    but in case you missed the orony, the difference is in the scale of propaganda being considered. We’re talking orders of magnitude of difference here!
    In India, changing a textbook to say that moslem invaders destroyed hundreds of Hindu and Buddhist temples is cause for controversy, whereas in pakistan saying that there existed a prosperous, culturally advanced pre-islamic civilization in the indus valley is a crime!
    Go figure.

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