The Centrifugist in the Debate

Busted yes, but not brought to justice

US President George W. Bush twice mentioned Khan the Centrifugist in the first campaign debate.

The A.Q. Khan network has been brought to justice…

We busted the A.Q. Khan network. This was a proliferator out of Pakistan that was selling secrets to places like North Korea and Libya. [Washington Post]

On the same day, Pakistan refused to allow international investigators from the IAEA access to A Q Khan. By failing to squeeze Pakistan to come clean on its nuclear transgressions, the United States has only half-completed the job. Bush is right when he says the Khan shop was busted, but as long as he allows the Pakistani regime to continue with obfuscation and subterfuge, he can hardly claim to have brought the perpetrators to justice.

And John Kerry did not even challenge this.

Update: The Los Angeles Times catches this (via Amardeep’s debate scorecard) as do Aziz Poonawalla and Brad DeLong.

5 thoughts on “The Centrifugist in the Debate”

  1. Bush was actually blabbering of course, and AQ was just a scapegoat. The US was always aware of paki prolifering, and decided to clamp down on it post 9/11. AQ was just for the media – an appropriate scapegoat whose popular appeal would save him from any prosecution. The US public probably knows this, and Kerry did not see any reason to degrade himself like Bush did.
    At least I hope that this is the real situation!

  2. Bush got bushwhacked in the debate. Kerry’s by far the more effective public orator. But I’m voting for Bush onhis anti-terror record. Kerry proises to be worse (frm his actions, not words). This is the same man who promises to talk Iran out of nukes (what a joke! The only way to go is bomb Iran’s facilities else the bomb will find its way into Hezbollah’s hands and into Israel.) He supports multilateral approach to problem solving but insists N Korea should be handles bilaterally and not multilateraly?! He suddenly puts nuke proliferation at the top of his security list in the debate when he’s scarcely mentioned it at all in his entire campaign! Kerry to all appearences, is a fraud. Besides he seems to think ‘the enemy’ is just Al Qaeda or Osama whereas bush defines the enemy in broader, ideological terms (which is closer to the truth)

  3. Not really a comment. But there seems to be no way of sending an email to the writer of this blog.

    Good job, anyway.


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