Maldives outsources legislation to UPenn students

Your assignment: Draw up a Shariah-compliant criminal code for a small island ‘republic’

Medical students learn their trade on cadavers. Law students from the University of Pennsylvania learn theirs on small island republics. A bold move by the Maldives, for the work Professor Robinson’s students produce may even be better than what passes of as legislation in many places. But a move towards greater democracy it is not.

Maldives’ President Gayoom has lifted some provisions in the state of emergency that he imposed several weeks ago. But given the mildest of rebukes he received from India and international community, he cant be faulted for feeling confident.

4 thoughts on “Maldives outsources legislation to UPenn students”

  1. Wasn’t this the same ‘country’ we militarily intervened in some years ago because some wealthy businessman raised a PRIVATE army to take over the govt?! Damn, we shouldn’t have uintervened and have let these business-types run the govt there, they usually are hard headed realists and would’ve thanked India for our inaction by extending ties with us. (This, btw is the China way of doing things).

  2. Sudhir,

    Operation Cactus involved restoring Gayoom to power after a bunch of Sri Lankan terrorists launched an attempt to grab power in the Maldives. Now, Gayoom is any day better than those jerks.

  3. Having been on a diplomatic assignment in Maldives i feel this was long overdue.Despite the fact that the Maldivians had a so called democracy,it was actually being run like a police state.Indian policy of taking one step forward and two steps back can never bring about a dependency from neighbouring states.Tourism in maldives depends on western tourists and not indian, so unpenn being assignedthe job is not surprising at all.Comments by your readers goes to show how poorly informed we are about our neighbours.

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