The blindspot of Kashmir

Kashmiri Pandits are not politically sexyThe sight of Kashmiri Pandits pleading Pakistani journalists to ask their country to stop supporting terrorism is a cause for national shame, writes Col. Anil Athale (retd).

The sad plight of Pandits has also not touched the conscience of the ever so sensitive ‘human rights’ groups in India. The Teesta Setalvads and Javed Anands, the Medha Patkars or Arundhati Roys of this world have been deafeningly silent on this issue. There are no street plays, no documentaries or painting exhibitions on the sad state of these 300,000 Indians. The news media, both print and television, have shown no inclination to highlight their cause.[Rediff]

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  1. How dare you say this? Don’t you know that Hindus are murderous a$$holes? So what if 300,000 Hindus are refugees in a Hindu majority country, so what if they chose not to take up arms, so what if they have been driven out only because of their religion… they deserve it, because I say so… coz I am God of small things.

    Shut up you saffron brigade. You are destroying the secular fabric of our country.

  2. I remember it was the atrocious silence of the mainstream secularized media towards pandits back in the early 90s that convinced me to embrace a pro-Hindu nationalist outlook. I believe I’m not alone besides.
    The Pandits deserve better. Jagmohan used J&K funds to renovate the vaishno shrine surrounding area and about time too – the Abdullah fatcats in srinagar criminally neglected all non-muslim areas in terms of development.
    Shame on desi secularists!

  3. I agree with all, Nitin, Sudhir and Niket. Further I have a suggestion. Why cant we take it upon ourselves to enhance the “sex appeal” of this issue? I am sure Nitin or Sudhir would know of sites that are devoted in some manner to the plight of the Kashmiri Pandits. We can all link to those sites, check for regular updates and highlight them in our regular posts. If there is no site, we could start a blog exclusively for this purpose. Going ahead I am actually thinking of something along the lines of a small-time for this purpose. At the very least we would stop feeling so disgusted with our own selves over this issue. If someone is interested please email me – I would be glad to do whatever I can.

  4. Kiran:
    Great idea. Let me know if I can help. Nitin, as th most experienced could take the lead in co-ordinating or something?

    I certainly know that such sites, dedicated to the pandits, exist. I’ll link some to my blog. Question is what more can we do? An online petition thing? The fact that the pandits’ case, like Shah Bano, is a complete expose on the moral bankruptcy of Indian secularism needs to be leveraged.
    A pseudo-secularized Delhi’s apathy is criminal. The difference in their reactions to the ’84 riots versus Gujrat is all too apparent. Had even a fraction of the Pandits’ number been moslem refugees, you’d see hell break loose and a media circus following them flies to dung and as if theirs (the muzzies’) was the only pain in the world. It just sickens me.

  5. While I have spewed a bit of venom, what I care about the most, and what I think we all should is that these are 300,000 INDIAN refugees in India.

    While Kiran’s idea is a good one, and that is the least we can do, I am afraid it will not amount to much. Those of us who will link to sites devoted to Kashmiri Pandit’s plights are not the core demographics that the news agencies target. Second, and more importantly, there might be a vast number of sites out there that (ab)use Pandit’s plight to further their anti-Muslim propaganda. We need to be careful in ensuring that we link to the sites that give a truthful account of events and issues. Being pro-Pandit is not tantamount to being anti-Muslim… and we need to be vigilant on this aspect to be credible to ourselves, more than anyone else.

  6. What hath this post wrought?
    Folks, instead of reinventing the wheel, it may be prudent to support organisations already fighting for this cause.
    You are welcome to post links to relevant sites here.
    (in the jungle, on training, using a Treo 600 to type this message in pitch darkness)

  7. political beliefs apart one needs to take into account the human disaster that is presently taking would be encountering a group of people with serious mental and health problems in the generations to come.there may be more than one reason for this political neglect to this fallout of a serious national issue. lets not play around with the issue.contributing in whatever way possible is a good idea.i am for it.

  8. Hail you for getting back at us from the dark Nitin! What you have suggested is a good idea too. I was essentially thinking of an idea to strenghten these organizations and get them some publicity.

    I did not realize that my mail ID could not be got from the post, though I have to enter it! Anyway it is – I would like to get in touch with whoever has shown interest in this initiative under these comments.

    Meanwhile Nitin, it would be great if you could post details of some of the organizations you mentioned….

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