Why the Pakistani army cant solve the jihadi blowback problem

Strangely, the kidnapping and subsequent death of a Chinese hostage has come as a wake-up call for the Pakistani establishment. Strange, because the establishment-types view kidnapping Chinese (China being the only ‘all-weather friend’ of Pakistan) as the last straw when the jihadis have previously showed no compunction in kidnapping and killing Pakistan’s very own citizens.

Shaukat Qadir, a retired Pakistani brigadier, and a representative of the very same military establishment proposes a two-pronged strategy to contain the “jihadi blowback”— first, to enlist the support of authoritative religious figures who could reach out across the sectarian divide and ‘establish the likelihood of a foreign-hand’; and second, rehabilitate the jihadi rank-and-file by explaining the rationale behind the change in policy, and by re-employing the jihadis into paramilitary forces. In other words, this simply means regularising the irregulars or laundering jihadis.

Qadir is right when he points out that finding new jobs for old jihadis is important; but that must come re-education and skills development in the short term, and education reform in the longer terms. Asking Islamic fundamentalists to hand in their jihadi weapons only to hand them official ones does not sound like a solution to the blowback — at least not when the motto of the Pakistani army reads ‘Faith, Piety and Jihad in the way of Allah’.

6 thoughts on “Jihadi-laundering”

  1. The jihadi drools are neither employed nor employable. The jihad factories have come to buildup a lifeline of their own – remember those commie cells the soviets setup in the west using perpetually self-sustaining trust funds….
    Now nohting pak can do or say will stop the jihadis from targeting all that is progressive in that blighted land.
    Soon, pakistan will become what I lovingly call puke-istan…and what a fitting tribute to that name it will be besides….

  2. Right said Kautilya. I can think of many examples – the LTTE springs readily to mind. Essentially there are no free lunches – what you give is what you get. Even Gandhi’s peaceful methods againts the Brits are haunting us in the form of the bandhs, boycotts and strikes. The only bright spot, if you call it that, is Pak is likely to suffer a lot for what it has made us suffer.

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