Security breaches at New Delhi airport

Keep the eye on the ball, and the shrine outside the wall

A commando from the elite special protection group, usually charged with protecting VIPs, rode a scooter on the tarmac of the Indira Gandhi International airport, with a lady constable on the pillion. A Royal Jordanian airliner almost interrupted their little pilgrimage to a shrine located inside the perimeter of the airport.

The following day, two passengers (one Indian, and the other a Pakistani national) bound for Karachi, were found to possess imitation revolvers in their cabin baggage, which they managed to sneak past the X-ray machines. India’s extremely tedious security check procedures (using the ‘multiple rubber-stamps on the baggage tag’ method) make it difficult to sneak anything into the aircrafts, but it still is worrying that high-tech security measures failed in this case.

The ISI is reportedly changing its tactics — with its role in Kashmir coming under the international spotlight, it is readying the Dawood Ibrahim mob to carry out operations in Indian cities. This means that security personnel at airports need to keep their eyes on the ball, especially when people-to-people contacts are involved.

Besides, those shrines must go.

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  1. Nothing, and I mean nothing, the NDA did so thoroughly disgusted me as the total surrender to terrortactics in the kandahar hijacking case… The very memory makes me wanna recoil…and that shitbag masood azhar is openly fundraising for and masterminding terror ops in India today…
    Met some faujis on a recent train journey in india and they good humouredly hinted that the Army (dunno abt the BSF so much) has unofficially stopped taking low-level jihadis prisoner anymore…. We gotta lot 2 learn from the Israelis in matters like these.

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