India and Myanmar begin joint anti-insurgency operations

The heat is on

In what appears to be a carrot-and-stick approach, India has launched a major military offensive against insurgents in India’s north eastern region while simultaneously opening the door for negotiations open.

Myanmar’s soldiers have begun their own operations on their side of the border, sealing off the border.

The Indian army has launched a major strike against rebels in the troubled state of Manipur with the help of neighbouring Myanmar, which has sealed its border, the army said on Friday.

The Indian army said it had killed more than two dozen rebels and arrested 34 since the operation began on Monday. It said it had identified more than 100 rebel camps in the jungles of Manipur and destroyed most of them.

“Now the militants are fleeing their camps, but they cannot cross over to Myanmar because the border is sealed from the other side,” military spokesman Major Santanu Dev Goswami told Reuters from Imphal.

The camps belonged to the powerful United National Liberation Front (UNLF), the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and other smaller armed groups, which have been battling Indian rule in the state for three decades, Goswami said.

Intelligence officials said 2,000 to 3,000 rebels were surrounded in thick forests in the districts of Chandel, Churchandpur and Bishenpur. [Reuters]

Taking the battle to the terrorists — that’s what good counter-terrorism policy is made of.

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