Winds of Change Subcontinent Survey

The monthly round-up of South Asian events and their wider implications

Robi Sen and I have put up this month’s Subcontinent Survey on Winds of Change.

The Kashmir Potboiler; How do you like your Rice?; India adopts Bush strategies in tackling terror; Pakistan makes some important decisions; Bangladesh and refugees; Shifting Alliances; Looking for good South Asian blogs?

4 thoughts on “Winds of Change Subcontinent Survey”

  1. I am quite surprised The Acorn has not commented on the abrupt departure of Pranay Gupte from The Straits Times. Gupte’s Letter from Singapore ( raises important questions on media independence in Singapore and racism in the island state. This quote is particularly telling:

    “Yes, Singapore will get all the white trash it wants. Yes, it will get all the brown trash it wants. Anything’s better than living in villages without electricity. But it’s going to have problems getting the brown sahibs it needs.”

  2. Nathan,

    The primary focus of this blog is India — specifically its foreign policy, national security, economy and public policy issues.

  3. That was an amazing collection of news items and blogs that you gave. It is going to take me a while to finish up with all that. I wonder where you guys find the time to research it up!

  4. Kiran,

    Well Nitin always amazes me in that he must have less time than I do in that he has a family to take care of. I rarley sleep so I have lots of free time at night which is when I do all my research. BTW.. if you ever want to make sure we keep a eye on something you have written or that relates to the topic of the brief email myself or Nitin and we will try to include it.

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