Using kind words to settle border disputes

Man bites dog?

The mention of Pakistani troops fiddling with border posts and encroaching on Indian territory evokes memories of the most recent mini-war in Kargil. So when a senior commander of India’s Border Security Force revealed that India is relying on kind words alone to recover lost ground, surely it must mean that the peace process has shown some results?

Perhaps, but not before the official spokesman of the Pakistani military establishment has had his say. “First there should be clarity that the area under discussion is the working boundary and in no way the international border. There is the working border, the line of control and the line of actual control. The Indians should be very clear about this. We have neither encroached nor has any reclaiming taken place. At times pillars do fall or get demolished. This is the reason for such meetings. I would say there is nothing to worry about.” [The News/Jang]