China’s new ballistic missile submarine

China’s first truly intercontinental strategic nuclear delivery system

One more reason to be wary of Chinese naval incursions:

China’s military has launched the first of a new class of ballistic missile submarines in what defense officials view as a major step forward in Beijing’s strategic weapons program.

The new 094-class submarine was launched in late July and when fully operational in the next year or two will be the first submarine to carry the underwater-launched version of China’s new DF-31 missile, according to defense officials.

The new Type 094 was spotted by U.S. intelligence agencies at the Huludao shipyard, located on the coast of Bohai Bay, some 250 miles northwest of Beijing. [Washington Times]

And Japanese pacifism is on its way out

A plan to develop a long-range missile will be included in the outline of the 2005-09 Midterm Defense Buildup Program, the Defense Agency revealed Thursday.

A precision-guided ground-to-ground missile will be developed as a measure to counter a possible invasion on a remote island several hundred kilometers away from mainland Japan, agency officials said.

Countermeasures for an invasion of a remote island are highlighted in the program, reflecting the fact that activities by North Korean spy and Chinese naval vessels have been increasing in seas around Japan. [Yomiuri Shimbun]

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