Bangladeshi jihadis threaten the Indian cricket team

Its more than just a way to save the Bangladeshi cricket team from sure defeat

Harkat-ul-Jihad, which has just threatened the Indian team with dire consequences, remains a ‘little-known’ outfit, even after being held responsible for attacks on members of Bangladesh’s secular intelligentsia. Curiously, the group refused to state exactly why they object to Indians and Bangladeshis playing cricket together.


India’s deputy high commissioner S. Chakraborty earlier revealed having received by fax a hand-written letter from Harkat-ul-Jihad, suspected to be a front for Harkat-ul-Jihad Islamia, saying that the cricketers would be killed if they visited Bangladesh.

The letter said the players would be attacked to avenge the Gujarat riots in 2002 that killed over 1,000 people, most of them Muslims. It cited the revenge killing of 19 Israeli athletes by Palestinian commandos during the 1972 Olympics. [The Telegraph]

What the Bangladeshi jihadis need to ask themselves is how the interests of the Muslims of Gujarat or the citizens of Bangladesh are served by the cancellation of the cricket tour. In the end, its the Bangladeshi economy that takes the hit.

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  3. Personally I think this is the work of the same fanatic group who are sending these types of threats to many progressive and anti-fundamentalist people of the country (e.g. Sheikh Hasina). I also think that they do not have the strength to do anything drastically. They succeeded this far because the government is not taking hard action against these quarters (probably to please their coalition partners). But any special drive of police force should be able to expose and stop them. These baseless threats actually turnishes the image of the government and the ruling party must understand it.

  4. One thing is for sure, if election happens under a free and fare caretaker government, The people will give a verdict for a change. But you know the problem lies more with Awami League. Because the party is disoriented and so far failed to keep up their image as one force who will bring about a change in the country. They had their chance in their last tenure, but due to poor leadership and corruption of some of their leaders, the lost their advantage. BNP is in similar situation and losing popularity. Awami League so far has taken some unpopular methods of movement against government (Hartal, threat for govt’s resignation) instead of logical case build up and protests which could not get popular support. So as for the next election it is very unpredictable right now. The Islamic parties are gaining strength in the mean time and they will be a major player in the next election lagly because of the poor leadership and vision of Awami League.

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