Indibloggies: Nominate your favourite Indian bloggers here

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Nominations now open

I’ve been asked to take nominations for this year’s IndiBloggies; and I’ve restricted myself to the following categories:

IndiBlog of the year
Best Topical IndiBlog
Best Designed IndiBlog
Best New IndiBlog
IndiBlog Lifetime Achiever

To nominate your favourite blog, you can use the comment form below or use this gimmick. You may forward your nomination to me or any other bloggers on the nomination adjudication panel. Contest methodology, closing dates (Updated: Dec 31st), prizes and other details are available on the Indibloggies site.

Note: In case your comment contains several links, it may be held up for moderation. If your nominations are still not reflected here by the next day, please send me an email or use the gimmick instead.

7 thoughts on “Indibloggies: Nominate your favourite Indian bloggers here”

  1. The “gimmick” doesn’t seem to want to load. Could you please check to see if there is some sort of server glitch? Thanks!

  2. I nominate three blogs by a writer named Amit Varma. He’s the managing editor of Wisden Cricinfo and I’ve been following his cricket blog, 23 Yards, for quite a while now. I’d nominate that for IndiBlog of the Year, best topical IndiBlog and best New IndiBlog (if begun in 2004 is the criteria). Why IndiBlog of the year when it’s supposedly about cricket? Because he writes about so many things through the prism of cricket, read it for yourself and see.

    I also love his other two, more recent, blogs. India Uncut is about India, and The Middle Stage is about everything, and both are brilliant. I nominate India Uncut in the first four of your five categories, and The Middle Stage in three of them (minus topical).

    In case my linking above wasn’t correct, here are the blogs again:

    23 Yards –
    India Uncut –
    The Middle Stage –

    Thank you

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