The consensus of the Kathmandu Pugwash pow-wow

Toasts to peace are fine, but will the Hurriyat now condemn terrorism?

They came, they talked, and they arrived at a consensus. Nobody can fault any of their recommendations, especially the calls for solutions to be sought in a peaceful manner and calls to end violence.

1. The dignity and welfare of the inhabitants of Jammu and Kashmir are of paramount importance;

2. The process of peace should be developed around the following features:
a) solutions to be sought in a peaceful manner
b) solutions to be perceived as honorable
c) solutions to be feasible

3. Confidence-building measures to be taken include ending violence, steps to improve the economy and social institutions, and steps to create the conditions for the rule of law.

4. The dialogue process started in Kathmandu should be continued and institutionalized [Pugwash]

Since key leaders of the Hurriyat are part of the consensus, does this declaration imply that they are condemning terrorism and asking their associated jihadis to shun violence? If yes, then this conference is truly historic.

2 thoughts on “The consensus of the Kathmandu Pugwash pow-wow”

  1. “solutions to be sought in a peaceful manner”
    If they are serious, this is indeed historic.

  2. I’m not celebrating anytime soon. Let’s see if the Hurriyat, for example, condemn any one of the daily barbarites perpetrated by the terrorists in J&K. As you can tell, I’m rather skeptical about these people.


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