Who delivers bin Laden’s tapes?

The trail to Osama begins with the delivery boy

B Raman is colourfully correct when he asks why Pakistani authorities have been unable to track down the chaps who drop off bin Laden’s tapes.

bin Laden and al-Zawahiri have disseminated 29 taped messages since September 11. As I have been pointing out repeatedly in my articles, almost all these messages were reportedly handed over by unidentified persons to the al-Jazeera correspondent in Islamabad or elsewhere in Pakistan.

How come there has not been a single instance of interception of any of these couriers from al-Qaeda by the Pakistani security agencies, which do not fail to spot and question a single Pakistani who visits the Indian Embassy in Islamabad? They have a more effective surveillance on the Indian Embassy and its staff than on bin Laden and his operatives and on the al-Jazeera office, wherever it is located.

Who are the couriers used by al-Qaeda for carrying the tapes of bin Laden and al-Zawahiri to al-Jazeera correspondents without being intercepted by the police or detected by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, which has its own surveillance on al-Jazeera ? What is so special about them that they are able to evade detection so successfully?

Yes, Mr Bergen. They are not ordinary couriers. They are special. Very special. They are the serving and retired officers of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI, who have been helping bin Laden and al-Zawahiri to evade capture and to remain in touch with their followers). Naturally, nobody in Pakistan would dare to stop and search them.

You may want to ask: “How do you know this?” It is like asking: “How do you know what I have under my underwear?” [Asia Times]

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