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  2. Sorry nitin off topic. I ve six invites of gamil to give away. If anybody interest please mail me at sunil_karoth(at)


  3. and i m really sorry for giving you trouble and using ur site.

    Regards. & Merry Christmas to all the acron community.


  4. Sudhir – thanks!

    Praveen – I’m a bit wary of bloglets for two reasons; firstly, it requires me to give them my admin passwords which is necessary for the service to work and secondly, I’m wary of email subscription sites because of their tendency to attract/dispense spam.

    But there is a way of reading blog posts by Email. Have you tried Blogstreet’s RSS to IMAP service?

  5. RS,

    I’ve noticed that that particular newspaper is carrying UFO stories a lot. Did it report a Subhash Chandra Bose or Elvis sighting yet?

  6. Hi Nitin,
    To get your blog posts on mail – You had posted a link wrt to BlogStreet,
    I tried that – but didnt get around making it work. Could please elaborate more on it.
    Thanks and Regards.

  7. Shivani,

    I’m in the process of installing a plugin that will allow you to recieve posts by email. Watch this space (and your email inbox)

  8. Nitin,

    do you have a RSS feed in XML format. your current feed does not work on my thunderbird client.


  9. L,

    The RSS feeds on the left seem to be working for me; although I’ve not tried the thunderbird client.

    Please try this link for RSS 2.0 and this for Atom

    If you have problems, do let me know.

  10. Nitin,

    Perhaps, you can make a few more categories. Considering the huge number of posts, it is quite difficult to fine something specific.


  11. Confused,

    The choice of categories is deliberate — to retain the focus. The search function can help find specific posts.

  12. Here is an interesting link to a new measurement index called the “Dirty War Index”:


    It’s a new way of measuring who’s using the most illicit methods like torture, child soldiering, rape, etc.

  13. I find that at the root of it all, it’s the Indian people which are letting society down. The leadership, after all, rests upon the voter base, and the voters don’t care to adopt suitably nationalistic policies in order to confront clear and present dangers. Instead, the public choose to deride nationalism and scoff at it — with inevitably tragic results.

    Nationalism isn’t some arbitrary whimsical choice — it’s the appropriate response to living in a tough neighborhood, where the country is surrounded by hostile neighbors. Refusing to acknowledge these realities and instead blindly insisting upon leftist utopian pacifism is only going to get more people killed.

    They say that a conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged. Well, no matter how many muggings occur, Indian liberals seem to be very slow to learn. Perhaps what’s necessary is for Islamic terrorism to strike the home of Raj-dupe Sardesai or Burkha Dutt, and then they can see how much they like it.

    Part of the Indian public’s blindness is due to the failure of the media, whose corruption is far more overt and concentrated than that of the govt.
    In a free and democratic society, the media is suppose to give vent to public opinion. But in an undemocratic society, the media is a tool of the govt to impose opinions onto the public. Our Indian media are more a reflection of an undemocratic society than of a democratic one. They try to impose the opinions of the ruling Congress onto the people. They’re trying to brainwash the masses, in the same style as a one-party state.

    I’ve been a supporter of the 123 Nuclear Deal with the US so far, but now I’m beginning to wonder if this was a deal to help Congress rather than a deal to help India. I’m worrying that India is now quickly becoming a One Party state, in the same manner as Japan was for so many decades under its dishonest LDP.

    The way the Congress govt is rampantly abusing its authority to keep itself in power is a disturbing sign. The way that the media are quickly becoming pliant sycophants complicit in Congress rule has been made disturbingly obvious from their post-Mumbai spin-doctoring.

  14. @Nitin
    You are yet to make any comment on one of the momentous events which took place recently in the reion. I am referring to the capture of LTTE’s capital by the SL army. This is probably India’s last chance to seize the initiative and bring about a political settlement in that country. If we do not want cede space to China and pakistan, that is.

  15. nitin, all,

    do you have any idea why the US flipped within 24h on handing Lakhavi over to India; the turnaround was Pakworthy in speed, and very disappointing.

    did they just use this as a pressure point to squeeze something else they wanted out of Pak.

  16. Nitin,

    Congratulations on 3000+ posts!

    I am sure you have seen this, and nothing surprising here. But for the record:
    Pakistan’s ISI man says (on Taliban):

    “Shouldn’t they be allowed to think and say what they please? They believe that jihad is their obligation. Isn’t that freedom of opinion?”

  17. Ranjith,


    As for the ISI man’s comments, I’d just say that shouldn’t he they allowed to think and say what they please? They believe that jihadi is their obligation. Isn’t that freedom of opinion?

    (No, it isn’t. It isn’t because it violates the harm principle)

  18. An article in DNAIndia detailing how Tamils are subjugated and prevented from practicing their religion in Sri Lanka.

    …We had just been to the Kandy Kathirgamar temple. We had expected to see a stately statue of Karthikeya. We saw a calendar style reproduction…Then I noticed a board placed strategically next to the poster that said “This Hindu deity is the servant of the Buddha.” …

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