Sunday Levity: My wife’s favourite blogs

The better blogs according to the better half

Helen’s Everyday Stranger is my wife’s favourite blog. She finds it a compelling read, and is often concerned for Helen’s well-being.

Sepia Mutiny is interesting and informative. She also enjoys reading Anna’s HERstory, especially her photo blog.

She appreciates Sepoy’s Chapati Mystery for the design as well as the content (which sometimes can be too intellectual, perhaps what the Sepoy household terms shibrum shibrum).

Plumpernickel’s Baker’s Dozen is another blog she reads sometimes.

(Of course, the better half has not included this half’s blog in this list, because she is part reader, part proof-reader, and full-time supporter)


I still remember this dedication from my undergraduate text-book

“This book is dedicated to my brilliant and beautiful wife without whom I would be nothing. She always comforts and consoles, never complains or interferes, asks nothing, and endures all. She also writes my dedications.” [Albert Malvino, Electronic Principles]

4 thoughts on “Sunday Levity: My wife’s favourite blogs”

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  2. If The Acorn’s better half only knew how many posts are started and deleted on Chapati Mystery after the realization that The Acorn already covered it and covered it far better. And, I would like to state for the record, that of all the blogs in the whole wide world, The Acorn remains my first read of the day. Much appreciated and admired.

    To you and your family a wonderful holiday and the best wishes for the new Year.

  3. oh my…i followed the trackback from Sepia Mutiny and nearly fell out of bed when i saw TWO of my blogs mentioned. what a merry christmas, indeed! thank you. 🙂

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