Tsunami relief effort – How you can help

How you can help

India: Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund, by bank transfer, or by credit card;
Bloggers set up Tsunami Help (via Dina) ;
Bloggers Ramdhan Kotamaraja and Seshu (Tiffinbox) are collecting donations online;
Niranjani provides contact numbers of relief workers in Chennai (Madras). (They need essential items like non-perishable food, clothing and essential drugs like antibiotics, paracetamol and pain-killers).
Sri Lanka: Reliefweb (United Nations office)

Maldives: Relief center telephone contacts Saabe +(960) 776805, Eva +(960) 782747, Faya +(960) 776142 or Ziyad +(960) 772598 (via Divehi Observer); they need food, clothes and basic necessities

Malaysia: Bloggers have set up a fund for those affected in the Malaysian state of Penang

International NGOs: The New York Times big list of agencies you can support (via Saheli); Online donations accepted by the US Red Cross, Singapore Red Cross, Oxfam and Care (Australia).

Others:Vichaar’s list of relief agencies; On The Command Post; At A Voyage to Arcturus (via Tim Blair); More agencies listed at BDBO

You can copy/paste these links on your blog or website. And if you know of ways to help government/NGOs carrying out relief work, please leave details in the comment section.

61 thoughts on “Tsunami relief effort – How you can help”

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  16. absinf,

    From what I’ve learnt, the victims’ immediate need is food, blankets, clothes, tents and medications. The basics. I think only those organisations that are already on the ground can provide it.

    After the immediate tragedy, the next, longer haul problem is the rehabilitation of the survivors. A lot more organisations can help in this, and financial help will be valuable.

    At this moment, I would think giving to the Indian PM’s Relief Fund, the Red Cross and Oxfam is a good idea. Giving directly to relief workers is a good idea too.

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  22. respected sir,
    i sadiq.r.shaikh 22 years old studying in second year B.E.(production) in V.J.T.I. mumbai-400019,along with my friends would like to raise fund for the tsunami affected people of india.We along with more people can raise a good amount and also visit the people in order to help them.
    Since i dont know the procedure on how to advance in this matter, kindly guide me and provide me with the useful information regarding the same.
    yours sincerely,

  23. I want to physically come and help. Where do I show up? What can I do? Who do I report to? What organization can I contact?

  24. I have been a volunteer with the Association for India’s Development (AID) for the past 3 years. AID is a voluntary non-profit organization committed to promoting sustainable development in India, by working with grassroots organizations and peoples movements. We are also very actively involved with the Tsunami relief efforts -both in immediate relief and longterm livelihood and rehabilitation. For regular updates from our volunteers on the ground, please check out http://www.aidindia.org/CMS/
    To donate, please go to https://www.aidindia.org/aidadmin/DonateToRRF.jsp
    Please also spread the word …

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  26. Sadiq & Debbie

    I’d recommend that you first take a look at Tsunami Help blog.

    Sadiq, see this link to get some ideas on how to proceed.

    Debbie, contacting your local Red Cross or Salvation Army unit is a good idea.

  27. The world should grieve at what will no doubt become the worst disaster in the history of the world.

    I would like to suggest that if you are going to donate money that you do so locally to local churches or temples in your area.

    Donations to large charities do not all get where they are intended as we have ssen in the UN oil for food program.

    Many charities have large numbers of people on their payrolls, and dollars donated end up as pennies to victims you wish to help.

    Donating to your local churches or temples is both a way to strengthen community relations as well as making sure that every dollar you donate is converted to aid as you have intended.

  28. My hearth goes out to all the countries that were affected with this. I believe that there could have been less death if there would have been a waring device in place.

  29. I wanted to know if it is possible to help out. I dont know maybe go to asia and help out. I dont just want to contribute by giving money I would like to do some physical contribution and my parents are also talking about adopting a child. so if some one can point me into the right dirrection that would be great im trying my hardest so please someone write to me via e-mail. Im a quick learner and Im great with children.Please let me know a.s.a.p.

    Thank You,
    Arisleidy Ramirez
    Orlando, Florida

  30. Dear sirs,
    Please let me know where to send clothes & baby food to the tsumani victims.
    Thank you,
    Cristina Gibson

  31. Moneyt is not the only most important form of help. I believe that in such a disastrous situation warmth and love (psychological support) is also very important to help those affected. Kids who have lost their parents need a family. Similarly an adult who has lost everyone need someone.So please, I believe that the world need to think not only in terms of money, food and cloth, but as well in terms of love, affection and a family. Volunteers also are required to help these people to start a new life.So I beleve that may be the kids be adopted by other peoples around the world and even the adult be moved to other places in the world by the time the situation can normal in these countries.

  32. As has been suggested, it would be better to donate to smaller, on the ground NGOs. The bigger international organisations tend to spend largely on adminstrative costs for themselves than on the real need of the people.

    Funds being collect by the newspapers – Times of India, the Hindu or by the Indian armed forces, amongst others are a much safer bet.

  33. i live at mumbai and would like to know of NGOs that i could get associated withy, to help with relief.

  34. I want you to know about Nourish The Children , an initiative that donates meal packages to hungry children around the world. I myself participate in the program.

    These food packages are nutrient-dense foods and ideally suited to meet the nutritional requirements of malnourished children.

    Nourish The Children is now committed to deliver all meal packages purchased by donators to the Tsunami disaster areas.


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