The biggest peace-time relief operation

The Admiral is in the War Room

The Indian Navy is taking the lead in coordinating rescue and emergency relief work in India, and is also providing support to Sri Lanka and Maldives. Twenty-two of the Navy’s ships have been pressed into service, of which 9 have been assigned to support Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Its remaining ships are on standby and stocking up with emergency supplies. The Coast Guard is focusing on search and rescue.

The Indian Air Force has deployed its heavy lifters

The IAF has deployed its transport aircraft for lifting relief material to affected areas. At present, nine AN-32, three IL-76 and two Avro aircraft and three MI-8 helicopters are being used. Six helicopters are on standby to airlift relief material to Sri Lanka.

The IAF has set up five nodal points – Chennai, Bhuj, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad and Delhi to ferry supplies. [Rediff]

The Indian Army is providing emergency supplies from its stores. It has also sent its Bangalore based Sappers to help rebuild roads and bridges. It has also secured the nuclear power station in Kalpakkam.

It is already being termed the biggest-ever peacetime relief operation.

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  4. How can I help?I,m a young 60 year old male that can do any thing, I,d like to go to the front and help with the relief effort.who do i contact? Dean Messmer its time to give some thing back.

  5. OK, earthquake happens in Indonesia. It is unpredictable. Not much anypne can do. But the Indian Navy and other government agencies had several hours of of time to expect the tsunami to hit their territories. What were they doing? Seems to me the Indian Navy was asleep. If this is the calibre of the Indian armed forces, how are thry going to protect us from the Islamic Nuke???

  6. Oh I see…it is the role and responsibilities of the Indian Armed Forces to perform rescue operations, but not be vigilant about tsunamis striking !!! If tyhey had been vigilant and cooperative they may not have had to perform all these rescue operatiuons to the degree they are doing now. This reminds me of the American intelligence community fiasco which led to 9/11.

  7. i really think that since we are all human and living on this planet all countries should get together and help our brothers and sisters in india whether it is in kind or moral support. lets stand together and help. so many countries manufacture necular weapons which entails a lot of money. why can we not give that same money to help build this country (india) i am not a rich man, i wish i was so i as a south african indian would let my money be used for a usefull purpose.

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