3 thoughts on “Three thoughts for the Republic”

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  2. I whole-heartedly agree on the economic freedom aspect. I was reminiscing today about Aug 15, 1997 when me and a couple of friends argued in the 5th floor corridor at Saraswathi hostel, IITM about what we have achieved as a nation 50 years after Independence looking at the ‘India Today’ special edition.
    We looked at human development indicators (mainly health & education), economy, technology and came to a consensus that we had done miserably on the first, done ok on the second and had made rapid strides in the third.
    Seven years later, the single important factor has been the growth and focus on the economy, giving greater self-confidence to the nation at large. I can say we clearly have come a long way since then but just shudder at the thought that we wasted atleast 2 or 3 decades. Another decade or two of focused economy building with a balanced Guns v/s Butter approach should go a long way in increasing our human development indices, with the Govt deregulating increasingly greater chunks of the economy.
    Huvishka, Singapore

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