The outlaw’s in-law

Kyun na is dosti ko rishte me badal de?

Bollywood cliche #5434 — Two buddies warmly hug each other, and pointing to their two toddlers, go “Why don’t we convert our friendship into a relationship”

Bollywood cliche #5435 — Two young people meet in Europe and fall in love. For the rest of the story refer to the following Bollywood cliches #434, 1032, 3343 or 4509

According to knowledgeable sources, Javed Miandad,Pakistani cricket legend on and off the field, and Sheikh Dawood Hassan (a.k.a Dawood Ibrahim), an Indian cricket legend (though he certainly did not play for India) are soon to be in-laws. There is that small matter of the US State Department designating Dawood Ibrahim a Global Terrorist for his links the al-Qaeda family and the Indian underworld. Of course, children cannot be held responsible for the sins and failings of their parents, and the young couple should be allowed to get on with their lives; but Miandad cannot tell the media to keep off from his personal matter when that personal matter involves a wanted international criminal and terrorist.

Indeed, Miandad’s demand for the privacy of his personal life to be respected becomes even more contestable given Dawood Ibrahim’s connectings with an international cricket match-fixing syndicate. So regardless of which particular Bollywood cliche this love-story falls under, Miandad must realise that association with a character of ill repute comes with its own consequences.


The story about the engagement has created a lot of speculation and interest in the Indian media which describes Dawood Ibrahim as a wanted criminal. Ibrahim is on the wanted list of the Indian government and is in exile in some unidentified country.[The News/Jang]

Hope he gets to attend his daughter’s wedding.