A blogside view of the Indian economy

A selection of recent posts

The Adam Smith Institute notes the slow pace of civil-service reform: in India, it is still very hard to sack government employees.

The Brooding Dude has a roundup of developments in India’s infrastructure sector: Bombay is getting excited about redevelopment. Finally!

Kautilya observes a revival in India’s shipbuilding industry: with private investment.

India’s broadband market is witnessing a price-war, reports Om Malik. Again, finally!

Ashish Hanwadikar’s recent trip to India leaves him impressed. He also announces that Indian liberals have started a weblog.

Twenty-first century Indian Robin Hoods carry stethoscopes and scalpels, writes Quizman on AnarCapLib.

Spontaneous Order has some results from the study of social exclusion: the interplay of caste, performance and urbanisation

Atanu Dey on Nehru’s economic legacy: a topic that just won’t go away.

And finally, India’s finance minister gets a breakfast invitation from the G-7.

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  1. Nitin,
    Nice (and in some ways “feel good”) set of links to make for a lengthy weekend reading.

    Not to be nitpicky… the Robin Hood post at AnarCapLib was by Quizman (Arun Simha), not Yazad.

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