Balochistan update: Musharraf keeps digging

All you need is a straight face

The Pakistani army cannot care less about Baloch complaints of exploitation and repression. Not only did it announce that it will strengthen its military presence in Balochistan, it is in the process of forcibly evicting people within a five-kilometre radius of the natural gas plant at Sui. The eviction is cloaked as an attempt to prevent innocent residents from being kidnapped by terrorists.

And while it continues to shield the actual suspects in the rape case, some scapegoats have been found and arrested. The rape victim has already been condemned to death by a tribal jirga, for bringing dishonour to the community.

And while all this is going on in his backyard,Pakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz repeats the General’s externalisations, at Davos.

Shaukat Aziz also talked about the need to address the root causes of terrorism, saying that unless the sense of deprivation, hopelessness, illiteracy and poverty was not eradicated, world peace would remain in jeopardy. He said the West had to help poor Muslim countries in socio-economic fields if it wanted to tackle terrorism comprehensively.

Shaukat Aziz said terrorism was also linked to the Middle East issue and unless the Palestine problem was resolved amicably, the region would continue to remain in turmoil. [DT]

And he does this with a straight face.