Shaukat Aziz’s pitch, contested

Few takers for Pakistan’s pitch to become an ‘investor’s paradise’

We are re-branding Pakistan to reflect its true value and potential to the world as it is set to attain a growth rate of eight per cent during the next three years as against 7 per cent today and 6.4 per cent of last year [Shaukat Aziz/Dawn]

Shaukat Aziz, Pakistan’s prime minister, was suave and persuasive, even if he sounded like an investor relations boilerplate. Gen Musharraf, though, beat his only drum. But what of Pakistan’s recent attempts to pitch itself as an attractive destination for FDI — as the once venerable London Times headlined, is Pakistan taking on China and India?

As Musharraf’s prime minister and finance minister, Shaukat Aziz has done a decent job; Pakistan is no longer in danger of defaulting on its external debt, and has a believable economic reform story going. Pakistan’s macro-economic performance is therefore not in question. But Musharraf would like to use his stewardship of the economy to bolster his political legitimacy, somewhat in the style of the Communist Party of China, and that is where he runs into trouble.

Shafqat Mehmood argues that most of the stuff coming out of the Pakistani government is spin, worse, it is for domestic consumption. Kamran Shafi takes Shaukat Aziz to task for putting the gloss over the failure of Pakistan’s dictators to put American aid to good use, pointing out that during the entire course of General Zia ul Haq’s eleven year rule, not a single kilowatt was added to Pakistan’s power infrastructure. Farrukh Saleem argues that in spite of the government’s messaging, its actions show that Pakistan’s is first a ‘security state’.

Quite clearly, Musharraf’s attempt to use the economy to his bolster his position is finding few takers inside Pakistan; worse, it isthreatening to undermine the reforms put together by Shaukat Aziz and team under World Bank and IMF guidance, not least because those critics may not be far off even objectively.

Tailpiece. Shaukat Aziz told delegates at a Karachi expo that Pakistan is ‘a futuristic state’. Now what is that supposed to mean, really?

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  2. Most of the contributors on this site are Indian writers with for the most part stupid opinions. I am not really into politics but the negativity on the site about Pakistan just ticked me off. All I have to say is performance! performance! performance! The KSE 100 index is the second best performing index in the WORLD since 1999, up a whopping 424% in dollar terms in that period. It has been outperforming the Indian stock market through the last 5 years. If only the indians will realize that it is in their own long term interest to kiss and make up with Pakistan we can all prosper together.

  3. Agha Khan sahib,

    First of all, I’ll ignore your opinion of the opinions on this site.

    You may note all the three commentators I’ve cited are respected Pakistani columnists who write in Pakistani newspapers. From what they write, it looks like not everyone in Pakistan is convinced with what Musharraf and Shaukat Aziz are spinning.

    Stock market performance is a useful barometer, but does not give a complete picture. See for example what the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitive Index rankings have to say.

    Contrary to the impression you might have got, I think it will be a good idea if Pakistan and India compete with each other in developing their economies and attracting investment; both for its own sake as well for the sake of peace. But I do not think Pakistan will be able to pull this off as long as a military dictatorship is in power and in the absence of national reconciliation.

  4. If only the indians will realize that it is in their own long term interest to kiss and make up with Pakistan we can all prosper together.

    Kiss and make up by giving up JK so that u can have secure water sources? Only in ur dreams mister!

  5. Khan,
    Nitin as far as I understand him thru this blog of his, is not like rest of us. He really wants u guys to be a successful country sans religious bigotry, etc.
    As for me I really dont want u guys on this globe.

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