India spells out its South Asia policy

Fair enough, but does it go far enough?

Shyam Saran, India’s foreign secretary, spelled out the method in India’s policy towards its neighbours, including its view of SAARC. Indeed, that India decided to take this open, unapologetic position is good news, and the message in Saran’s bottle is succinct — that India is open to take on its neighbours as stakeholders in its own progress, provided that they are sensitive to its national interests.

10 thoughts on “India spells out its South Asia policy”

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  2. I appreciate this statement of purpose by this Govt. Now, it is up to the rest of the arms of Govt to follow through.

    The next steps should be to a) engage with the Nepal Govt to crush the Maoist insurgency and b) identify the best possible mechanism to eliminate the terror camps in Bangladesh, even if it means covert operations.

    From an internal affairs perspective, its time for a campaign against the Naxalites and eliminating their leadership.

  3. The naxalite problem should be treated as a national problem and a joint center state action is the only answer to this. The sooner the govt realises this that much better. The STF that was ‘trained’ in jungle ‘warfare’ and used in the hunt for Veerapan can be put to good use by using them to hunt Naxals now.

  4. I am favour of the covert ops inside Bangladesh to take out ULFA and other militant outfits sheltering there. We can easily carry out such ops inside Bangladesh as we enjoy a lot of support there. Lets see who wins the next general elections there and if opposition doesnt make it to power, then covert op is the only way.

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