Jihad, unconcerned with natural disaster

If further discrediting was required

Hundreds of Kashmiri people have died in last week’s snow storms and avalanches. While the state government of Jammu & Kashmir has been overwhelmed and the central government’s disaster management agency is yet to take shape, it has fallen on the Indian army and air force to conduct rescue and relief work.

And what of the other parties concerned about Kashmir?

Pakistan, as Jagadish notes, is far too caught up in the territorial dispute, to find time to express official condolences for the dead or concern for the living.

The jihadis are a step ahead — they are quite happy to go about their terrible business, without being overly bothered about such things as humanitarian crises. A suicide attack on the passport office is their idea of responding to the natural disaster. And Shiekh Mushtaq, Reuters’ correspondent calls them ‘gunmen’ and ‘Islamic rebels’.

Jihadi terrorists, after all, are jihadi terrorists. But what about their ‘political’ frontmen? Do the churlish charlatans of the Hurriyat dare to call a ceasefire, at least until the humanitarian crisis is over? The silence is deafening.

3 thoughts on “Jihad, unconcerned with natural disaster”

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  2. Reuters’ bias against India is also revealed in terming the country “mostly Hindu”. I wonder why don’t report on the UK or US as mostly Christian or the Japanese as mostly Shinto-Budhist?

  3. The jihadis could take a lesson from the LTTE in Sri Lanka, who after the Tsunami, cooperated with the Sri Lankan government, atleast for some time, for the relief and rehabilitation work. But, I doubt that would ever happen, given the priorities of these terrorist in J&K.


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