Arms to Nepal: China & Pakistan must be blocked

Making the Nepal policy meaningful

India has effectively stopped military aid to Nepal. So have the United States and Britain. At least part of King Gyanendra’s calculations did not come to fruition.

India’s gambit is to starve the King of political and military oxygen until he becomes more amenable to first restoring civil liberties and eventually, democracy itself. But if Pakistan and China step in to fill the gap, this gambit can go awfully wrong. For its policy to succeed, India must ensure that both Pakistan and China keep a studied distance away from Nepal. India would do well to adopt a more neurotic line on this front.

It may be prudent to signal to Pakistan that its involvement in Nepal, especially concerning military support to Gyanendra is a no-no. Such a move should rightly be seen as against the spirit of bilateral ‘confidence-building measures’; it would do well not to add to the ‘trust deficit’ between the two countries.

As for China, the common perception is that it is content not to interfere in Nepal’s internal affairs as long as the Nepalese government steers clear of the Tibet issue. Just before seizing power, King Gyanendra supplicated the Chinese leadership by expelling the Dalai Lama’s office after suddenly discovering that it had been operating illegally for well over half-a-century. In the current crisis, China has publicly remained out of the fray so far. But that is China’s specialty. It would be unrealistic to expect that China has not already evolved a sophisticated, indirect response to the situation in Nepal. India’s signal to China, therefore, must be similarly indirect.

This is where India can purposefully engage the international community. It must pull together the United States, Britain, Japan and the European Union to issue a joint statement warning against any foreign support to King Gyanendra. If this turns out to be difficult to achieve, then India must be prepared to do so on its own.

11 thoughts on “Arms to Nepal: China & Pakistan must be blocked”

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  3. Regarding your last statement:
    I am not sure if India’s carrot is attractive enough or its stick strong enough to pull this off on its own. This could very well blow up in our face; hence we need to be proactive, not reactive to the happenings in Nepal.

    I doubt if India actually refused military support as it has a better idea… looks more like another lofty-softie move. I sincerely hope that the prime minister proves me wrong.

  4. I am sure this is going to be back tracked. What the hell was whoever thinking?
    Nepal needs our help more than ever and we are probably the only country that matter the most to this kingdom. I wonder if our Foreign Ministry was on high that day when they though about this ill-advised reaction

  5. It sees that we always run out of ideas when crisis comes a knocking at our doors and so we start squabbling like children- stop arms supply and go telling others to cut off relations. according to our govt they were shocked at the changed situation in Nepal.Actually it is shocking to see a country which aspires to become a super power to come out with a such a reaction. Not surprisingly, the nepalese king did not take a call from our govt for three days.Now the king says that he is taken power for three years and will bring back democracy after situation has normalised. Do we see a parallel in the neighbourhood. One wonders who the mentor is!

  6. why is Indian trying to be godfater in the Nepal case. Most of the Nepali already hate Indian and now they are hating more. Two Indian PM were killed by Terrorist now again it is hobnobing with Terrorist to teach Nepal a lesson. Nepali know Indian are fools but as Sonia Ghandi is more reasonable by be she will see the light!!

  7. India dose not have right to interfer in the Nepali Affairs. If they do it will be doomed as thier policy in Srilanka and Panjab. Homnobing with Terrorist is never healthy as the two Indian PM know.

  8. what the hell you are writing about nepal. it seems as though you are the father of democracy. Everybody knows that India is not a father of democracy when it comes to foreign affair. Indian foreign policy has a filthy hidden expansionalism idea. India never comments abt the country who dance in its tune. Like Bhutan has expelled it’s 25% population, india doesn’t see any human right violation there and moreover invites that wicked king of Bhutan to celebrate it’s independance day. On the other hand, u did n’t see any human right violation when maoist killed 11000 people mercilessly over the last 10 years. Now, when king tried to do the sergery in the wound of country, u see a lot of human right violation. You stupid writer are gaining only hates from Nepali by writing this article. May be, only handful people of who do politics in nepal at indian remote control are benefiting from your article. But every proud Nepali can’t tolerate this stupid propaganda. You are talking abt forceful intervention to nepal by itself, if india fails to convince international comunity against nepal. Remember! You have lost two prime ministers while intervening Sikhs and tamil in Srilanka. If you do the same mistake again, the retaliation from Gurkha could cost you a lot. We got similar culture, religion as indian and we love indian people a lot. But we hate Indian government’s filthy foreign policy.

  9. Most of you guys seem to hate Indians. Indians or Indian foreign policy ? You do not see the differerence between those two words anyway. Someone of you said Indians are fools. Rellly? You kill each other and blame India. A threesome (sexual orgy) between maoists, royalty and politicians( oh, you call them corrupt as if the others are as honest as monks(how many honest monks have you seen in depth?). India has the same maoist problem but at a much lesser degree. Why India will encourage them is beyond comprehension. It seems honest and innocent Nepali is in short supply more so among the educated ones. Honest nepalis perhaps lives outside the Kathmandu valley. Nepalese media blames India. King blames India. Poor blames their destiny.You do not allow Indian aircraft to rescue a sick pilgrim from Manasarovar area when China allows. You blame Indian guns when your boy soldiers are ill trained. When one in three of you benefitted from employment in India still you crib. It is best that you open up the China route and close the India border once for all. Indians are fed up of your crying and cribbing. When India prospered with democracy from abject poverty you blame democracy when you choose only the wrong guys in the first place .Why blame democracy and worship a system which kept you at this lavel where you are?

  10. Well, it sounds like India is the biggest victim in this region now. Forget about Bangladesh, Nepal, Sikkim, Kashmir, Pakistan and on and on. India thinks it is a superpower of some sort and thinks it should get its way whenever, its wants it from the weaker countries like ours. However, when some one big steps in it cowers in fear and run for cover. If india has good intentions it should keep its mouth shut. Maoist (terrorist) is stationed in India like, most of this region’s terrorist organizations. India is chopping at its own feet by sponsoring and breeding terrorism in its backyard to destablize her neighbor. Well, if some of you can comprehend why india would sponsor terrorism in another state i suggest you shoot your self, go to hell and ask your useless Rajiv Gandhi

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