Arms to Nepal: China & Pakistan must be blocked (2)

Pakistan has offered arms to Nepal. India must nip this idea in the bud

Pakistan’s ambassador to Nepal has reiterated his prime minister’s offer of military assistance to King Gyanendra’s army. Apart from arms, Pakistan has offered to share its ‘high-tech expertise’ in dealing with terrorists.

As Blogdai writes, Pakistan cannot send arms to Nepal without Chinese approval and support. Pakistan will not only serve as a ‘delivery boy’ for Chinese arms but also provide Beijing with sufficient diplomatic cover, lending plausible deniability to its involvement in Nepal.

India must immediately send a strong signal to Pakistan (and indirectly to China) that it will not tolerate their interference in Nepal. Pakistani or Chinese support for King Gyanendra’s army is not only against the international consensus on Nepal, it is a dangerously escalatory move that is not at all consistent with attempts to build confidence between India and Pakistan.

Update: News Insight has details

At Nepal’s request, Pakistan will sell three hundred rocket launchers and two thousand automatic grenade launchers (AGLs) from its own army stocks for anti-Maoist operations.

Nepal wanted in all eight items, including rocket launchers and AGLs, on credit, but Pakistan has insisted on a forty per cent down payment to cover manufacturing costs, with the remaining made at Nepal’s convenience.

Diplomatic sources said that Pandey gave his request to Pakistan foreign minister Mehmud Ahmed Kasuri, who readily agreed to aid a “small neighbour” facing a “major crisis”, and Pakistan has assured it will fly in the weapons free. [News Insight]

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  1. if anyone is to be blamed for the present crisis it is only us.we have let the situation spiral out of control because of a lack of assessment.the game started a long time back and it is too late now to stop the arms from being supplied.we reacted exactly the way they wanted us to react. we have too many problems at home to bother about nut war. my comment in the first one holds.the move is on the east.

  2. one would wonder why kochi didn’t suit mush.naturally the next choice automatically fell on is easier to take a detour to the abode of pashupatinath enroute to or from vizag.what better way to check on friend gyani and his latest requirements to fight the would keep us wondering as to what transpired between them.

  3. The fact is Nepal dose not tolerate Indian interference. Nepali have very good relation whith China and Pakistan and they hate India bucause they have been theying to be boss this South Asia. Is there any friend of Indian in South Asia or in the world that matters.

    Indian has been supporting the corrupt politican and some of Indain Prim Minister have even been getting the cut from the ill gotten gain from Nepali politicain. Like “Dhamija” case were then PM of Nepal Girija P. Koirala con Million of dollar in commission which he shared with Indian PM Chandra Sharker. Only looser was Nepal.

    In fiften years someing good is happening in Nepal and India want to stop it.Indian is in no position to tell anyone anything let alone China and India. They want to make Nepal poor just like themseves.

  4. Nepal has seen enough of ” indian style ” politics. Corruption, abductiona ..and so on. When King has now stepped out of his palace to bring his nation out of this maze, we indians want to bring him down. Why?
    When our PM can shake hands with Pak. Gen. Mush. who came in through a military coup, why cant he shake hands with The King who has done what his countryman has been asking for?
    I’l tell you:
    Because we want to play “Big Brother” to all our “Small” neighbours and this we cant do with Pak which is supposed to be as strong as we are.

  5. KATHMANDU, April 1 (Reuters) – China became on Friday the first major country to voice support for Nepal’s King Gyanendra as the Chinese foreign minister ended a visit to the Himalayan nation globally isolated since the monarch seized power.

    “The international community should respect the choice made by the Nepali people,” Chinese Vice-Foreign Minister Wu Dawei told a news briefing in Beijing.

    “We support the king and the government of Nepal to ensure national stability and reconciliation and for economic development,” Wu said.

    Beijing had earlier described as Nepal’s internal affair the king’s move in February to sack the government, declare a state of emergency and arrest political leaders. The rest of the world urged Gyanendra to restore democracy. The latest comments could spark concerns in India — Nepal’s giant neighbour to the south and a key trading partner — which, along with Britain and the United States, has pressured Gyanendra to revoke his decisions.

    Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao is due to tour South Asia next week and will be aiming to cement an improvement in Sino-Indian ties when he visits New Delhi.

    Wu’s comments came as Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing — the first senior foreign official to visit Kathmandu since Gyanendra took power — rounded off talks with the monarch in what is seen as a signal that China would maintain friendly ties with Nepal.

    “The visit was full of positive results,” Li told reporters at Kathmandu airport before leaving for the Maldives.

    “We’ll continue to make it even more fruitful for the benefit of our people,” he said without elaborating

  6. Indian Intelligence Agency – RAW using Media for Propaganda

    Below is the news in Indian newspapers reposted by Sudeshna Sarkar of IANS news agency. Sudeshna Sarkar is RAW agent stationed in Nepal. RAW is an Indian Intelligence Agency. It was the agency used by Indian to fund and train Tamil terrorist in Sri lanka, and also terrorist in Northwest frontier in Pakistan. This RAW is funding and training Nepalese Moist terrorist also. They have been protecting leaders of the terrorist in their SAFE HOUSE in New Delhi.

    Nepal has been largely successful in combating the terrorist after the King imposed direct rule and got ride of corrupt politicians. Indian are not happy and supporting the terrorist so they will have their influence in Nepal.

    To disseminate propaganda against Nepal, the RAW agent in Nepal Sudeshna Karkar first publishes story in Nepalese “Jana Astha” infamous weekly paper, and carries that story in IANS news agency and this story is carried by other Indian news papers. “Jana Astha” is publish by Mr. Uttam Shrestha, Mr. Shrestha was previously arrested for black mailing a starlet. He had threatened her that if she did not pay million rupee he will publish her nude picture in his paper. This starlet was unable to pay his huge amount and committed suicide after this paper published her nude picture. Now the RAW is using this infamous weekly for the propaganda, below is the example:

    Nepal monarchy’s secret plan to undermine opposition
    By Sudeshna Sarkar, Kathmandu: Nepal’s royal family, forced to hand over power to a democratic government after a mass movement for people’s rights in 1990, has been pursuing a secret plan to snuff out the opposition parties and regain control, a media report said Wednesday.

    “Jana Astha”, a popular Nepali weekly with sources in the army and the palace, said that a group of royalists had helped draw up the secret plan to set the parliamentary parties against one another and impose active rule by the king once again.

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