And then she put her foot in her mouth

By no means is Pakistan a model country for the Muslim world

“Pakistan is a model country for the Muslim world,” (Condoleezza) Rice said. [The News]

And would she care to explain how this statement fits in with the Bush administration’s vision to push freedom and democracy in the Muslim world?

It may be the need to find something nice to say to her hosts that led her to say this, but citing Pakistan as a model for the Muslim world is a too much over the top. You can pardon Turkey or Malaysia for wondering what they got wrong.

3 thoughts on “And then she put her foot in her mouth”

  1. A model of what exactly? Jesus! We all know this is just Diplo speak but I agree she did not and should not have said that.

  2. Why do you take anything that this crew has to say seriously? Granted, Condoleeza has a little more gravitas than Bush and seems to have more integrity than Cheney, but at the end of the day, she’s still toting their agenda around.

    I wish more people outside the United States recognized that what John Kerry, hardly a firebrand anymore, said was true: they’re crooked and lying and it’s scary.

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