The weekly blogside view of the Indian economy (10)

The weekly attempt to size up the Elephant as perceived by bloggers — this edition features all new bloggers appearing for the first time in this series

A selection of this week’s posts, from bloggers all appearing for the first time on The Acorn

Coonoor in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu is an economic centre of southern India’s tea industry. Kiran Jonnalagadda describes the earliest stages in the tea business, from picking to auction.

Where was he when I was a student? Professor Pitabas Mohanty finds that there is a positive correlation between the Mumbai’s Sensex stock market index and the consumption of beer. While this may not lead to any profit-making trading strategies, it does, shall we say, provide some thought for drink.

Still staying on the topic of serious research, Bluejives over at The Asia Pages takes a closet-racist to task for making nasty remarks about the Suresh Venkatasubramanians in America’s R&D labs.

Spitfire calls attention to China’s labour shortage and perceives an opportunity for India, what with its demographic dividend.

Nipun and his friends begin with a discussion over a populist free electricity scheme, but end up covering a lot of ground.

With or without money, the show must go on — that’s one of the things about low-budget filmmaking writes Suderman (or is it his doppelganger?).

More people in New Delhi are doing what they want to do, rather than take the doctor-engineer route, reports Gaurav Bhatnagar of New Delhi Times

Jatin Varma is not too impressed with India’s new patent law: big business has prevailed over the poor consumer, he contends.

According to the Opti-Mystic, there are few local taxi-drivers to be found in the wild in Mumbai.

And finally, the regular features: the Indic View on energy, Abhishek Puri on broadband; this week’s Bharatiya Blog Mela is hosted by Mirchi.

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