A spirited Tibetan thumbs his nose at China’s premier

Wen Jiabao’s hosts are embarassed

Tibetan protestor scales IISc - Reuters photographTenzin Tsundue was not a security risk in the conventional risk of the word — no hidden weapons, no explosives strapped on to his body, no paper-cutters even. Given that police bandobust (a Indian English term for tight security arrangements) had left little room for protests on the ground, he took it to the third dimension.

For quite some time, the (Bangalore) City police were left dumbstruck. A Tibetan protester caused a security breach by climbing on the tower of the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) building in Bangalore and raised slogans against the Chinese occupation of Tibet, even as Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao was addressing the scientists on the ground floor on Sunday afternoon.

The high drama began to unfold around 3 pm, after the Chinese Premier arrived at IISc along with a large delegation. He was addressing the scientists when it all started.

Taking the police and the IISc security personnel off guard, the man emerged from the tower of the main building waving a ‘Tibetan flag’ and a red cloth banner carrying the words ‘Free Tibet’, and threw pamphlets down with the message ‘Let there be peace in Tibet’ written on them. [Deccan Herald]

Given that Wen Jiabao’s visit is all about new co-operation and closing the lids on old bilateral disputes, the Indian government had to reiterate that the Chinese premier was a honoured guest, and the protest was ‘unfortunate’, conducted as it was by a ‘miscreant’ who managed hoodwink the security men. It is unclear what the government means by this, because cloth banners do not usually set off metal detectors.

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6 thoughts on “A spirited Tibetan thumbs his nose at China’s premier”

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  3. All the protests by the Tibetans in India, and in other parts of the World – they dont seem to make any difference to the attitude of the Chinese. The Chinese proceed with impunity in task of “integrating” Tibet with the mainland. Surprisingly, the Chinese attitude does not seem to deter the spirited Tibetan protestors either. Maybe one day when democracy triumphs in China, the indomitable Tibetan spirit will find some expression in their homeland too.

  4. Kiran,

    Ironically, Chinese government has ‘allowed’ its own citizens to engage in picketing and public protests against Japan. So it may not be able to persist in being oversensitive to such things in foreign countries.

  5. But it surely was embarrassing for the security team.
    It was one thing if it was public/govt. policy to let the protests happen – it wasnt, when it should have been so(but thats another matter).

    It was a peaceful protestor this time. What if it wasn’t?

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