It’s democracy, stupid (Nepalese edition)

A Nepalese voice

Kanak Mani Dixit, a senior Nepalese journalist, argues that India’s policy of isolating King Gyanendra’s regime is in the right direction

India must stay the course in isolating the royal regime in Kathmandu

The international community, including India, has by its acts and statements acted as a bulwark for democracy and pluralism. This shows respect for the people of Nepal. At this crucial juncture, democratic governments must stay the course and not provide any support/succour to the king. Most important, they must not fall for the ruse that the rebels will win if the king is not allowed free reign. Nepal’s king may not like political parties, but there is no need for others to fall in line. Nepal’s politicians are the truest representatives of the people, more than the palace, the army, or civil society combines, and it is they who will have to deliver a negotiated peace to a wounded people while leading them back on the path to pluralism. [IE]

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  1. Kank Mani father was Pujakother(household prist)+ gigoolo of a rich Rana leady and got all the money from her. They do not do a day work to earn a living so they keep on writing and talking. But all the Nepal is happy with the King

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