Eternal triangle (or square) – some readings

The power plays in Asia

According to The Economist China is Asia’s serial boat-rocker; but Tom Plate, a UCLA professor and syndicated columnist, uses Shintaro Ishihara’s writing to make a conclusion to the contrary: many East Asian’s actually fear another Japanese aggression.

Yale Global features two opinions on whether or not the United States will retain influence in an Asia that is being increasingly dominated by China.

And what about India? Clyde Prestowitz outlines the potential benefits of the China-India entente. George Perkovich and Revati Prasad advise the United States not to block the Iran-Pakistan-India pipeline on the grounds that it will ensure regional stability.

Jim Hoagland writes that “the recently elected Congress Party government has worked its version of a strategic triangle with almost Kissingerian skill, simultaneously improving relations with China, Japan and the United States and thus squeezing Pakistan into a more conciliatory posture“. Adam Wolfe of Power and Interest News Report agrees with Hoagland: India will be the biggest beneficiary of the China-US power play.

From a South East Asian perspective, Australian commentator Robyn Lim argues that Japan and key ASEAN countries would like India and Australia to be part of the East Asian Community, again to balance China’s growing influence.

These are interesting times, indeed.

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  2. interesting times indeed. provided india looks after its OWN SELF-INTEREST at all costs.

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