Remember Babbar Khalsa?

Pakistan has kept those terrorists alive too

Sepia Mutiny covers some outcomes of the investigation into the recent Delhi cinema bombings. Babbar Khalsa, a fearsome terrorist organisation of yesteryears, has been found responsible. Manish writes

The U.S. added Babbar Khalsa to its list of terrorist groups only last year…
The suspects seem to have learned from Al Qaeda tactics. They allegedly used plastic explosives to evade metal detectors and cavities in running shoes to smuggle the easily-molded explosives. Like the 9/11 hijackers, they allegedly plotted in a country away from the target, one perceived to have lax security. And there’s the ubiquitous Pakistan connection. [Sepia Mutiny]

Except for the ISI, everyone else is engaged in a peace process. With political capital invested in engaging Pakistan, the Indian government is unlikely to play up the Pakistani link in this case.

Dawood Ibrahim and company, implicated in the worst acts of terrorism in India’s commercial capital, remain at large in Pakistan. Masood Azhar and Hafiz Saeed, implicated in the worst acts of terrorism in Jammu & Kashmir remain at large in Pakistan. Wadhwa Singh, of Babbar Khalsa International remains resident in Pakistan. It appears that like Bofors and other domestic ‘scams’ the Indian political establishment has simply decided to use Pakistan’s sheltering of these terrorists as a stick to beat Pakistan episodically. If Pakistan continues to harbour some of the worst terrorists much of it is due to India’s failure to consistently pursue the case.

7 thoughts on “Remember Babbar Khalsa?”

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  2. As long as Pakistan clings to the hope that Kashmir and Pakistan will be one, it will continue to ferment trouble, whether in Kashmir proper, Punjab, and, yes, even in the Northeast.

    India beware; especially of peaceniks bearing gifts.

    long live the babbar khalsa
    freedom fighters for life
    selfless matyrs for sikhi and its principles

  4. Khaistan needs to be created, it is the only fair option for sikhs, where they can live in peace. then there would be no need for babbar khalsas activities. greedy governments keep sikhs homeless. hindus obssessed with power that the sikhs obtained for them.

  5. Dear indi,
    Are you a block head? People like you are the one who are defaming the whole community of sikhs which , except for j***ks like you, is known for great men in all spheres of life, be it politics , sports , artists , businessmen … May god give u some brain to think and may you learn to respect your motherland. I have nothing against sikhs, rather some of my best friends have been sikhs and that is precisely the reason why i am anguished and angered by your stupid comments which defames this great community of my friends.

  6. I am tired of all this resurfacing again. You think after 10 years of relative peace and stability in Punjab, these idiots would stop the murdering. Guru Gobind Singh, only took arms against tyrants that were threatening the religion.

    You guys are not even one spec worth our religion. You are putting shame to us, all over the world. Stop this madness once and for all.

    If you don’t God will not forget this, and those real wrongdoers will be punished. Also remember, no matter what religion we are, we must perform service to all in all Gurudwaras. Speak of community service, not blood.

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