The weekly blogside view of the Indian economy (13)

It’s back. This week with reports on the path of the Elephant, as seen from the Lion City

A review of posts, featuring Indibloggers from Singapore

The Chestnut Tree Cafe: Let’s digress a bit before we begin. In the end, they were almost falling off the trees. The Sambhar Mafiosi’s initiative succeeded beyond his wildest expectations. The furniture had to be reconfigured. A military band marched past, and the Chestnut Tree Cafe had already run out of Victory cappuccinos. Ram was the first to come clean. This edition of the weekly blogside features posts exclusively from those who found themselves at the ‘Chestnut Tree Cafe’ yesterday.

Instead of looking after its milch cow well, the Karnataka state government is rather apathetic to Bangalore’s growing problems, writes Sadagopan, citing Nandan Nilekani’s recent observations after his return from China. Even within India, as Cogito opines, Pune, Chandigarh and Coimbatore stand out as better business locations.

Ashwin turns his magnifying lens on a newspaper report and suggests that more than the pay packet, the number of students finding jobs is a better determinant of which school you go to.

Aye Kay discovers that India’s liberalisation of the aviation sector is being reflected in Bollywood’s recent offerings.

Ram questions the, well, questionable practices that are used to process fruits. In his opinion, the fruit industry needs to be closely watch to ensure it complies with public health regulations. He also has thoughts on the economics of the Tamil film industry too.

Onkar Joshi calls for India to put in a system by which governments of states that perform poorly are penalised in some manner.

And finally, here on The Acorn, the Indian government’s taxation of fringe-benefits comes in for some scholarly criticism; while an open letter to an Indian cabinet minister just bounced back.

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