Sunday Levity: The Pakistani army puts its coup machinery to another use

Privatisation at gun-point

Source: Daily Times

Soldiers moved in swiftly to secure key installations in major Pakistani cities. The Corps of Signals took over two international gateway facilities. Law enforcement authorities arrested 25 persons in the middle of the night. The next day, army and paramilitary personnel had been issued orders to arrest any protestors.

Another military coup in Islamabad?

No, just privatisation of Pakistan’s state-owned telecoms company.

On another note, Gen Musharraf has declared that Pakistan will produce 15000 PhDs over the next three to five years, thanks to 3000% increase in science and technology funding. Well, if only the army could be called in to help with dissertations.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Levity: The Pakistani army puts its coup machinery to another use”

  1. Capitalism at gunpoint!!! Privitization of PTCL is needed but this is not the road I envisioned Pakistan would take.

  2. Is there any chance that India can borrow the Pakistani Army to force the privatization of its own bloated telecom PSUs? Or if the Communists object to that, how about borrowing the Chinese Army?

  3. 15000 PhDs needed(probably to build more covert and undetectable nukes)to develope a country? What a gross way of thinking. When all of your problems looks like a nail, you don’t think of other solutions than a hammer.

    I have come across this and I presumed which country you have visited recently. Am I right?

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