Musharraf ain’t bothered by terror attacks — in India

Thanks, but no thanks

The irony is palpable. Jihadi terrorists just killed 15 people, including two schoolchildren at a crowded market in Pulwama, in India’s Jammu & Kashmir state. But Musharraf says we should not be bothered, and Musharraf is, well, an honourable man.

Musharraf, speaking a day after a deadly car bombing in Kashmir, said nobody could stop the violence, which he vowed would not distract India and Pakistan from the peace process they have both described as irreversible.

“I think we should not be overly bothered about (the car bombing) and we should not allow it to affect the peace process,” Musharraf told Reuters in an interview during the first visit by a Pakistani president to Australia.

“I would go even to the extent of saying even if we reach peace and agreement, even after that there will be some extremists who may carry out such kind of extremist attacks. We should bear with that.”[Reuters emphasis added]

Who’s “we” ? Gen Musharraf can afford not be ‘overly bothered’ about the killing of fifteen people and the maiming of scores of others. But it speaks volumes of the manner in which India has allowed Pakistan to escape blame for nurturing the jihadi monster that instead of condemning the act of terrorism or expressing regret over those killed, all the Musharraf can say is to advise India to grin and bear it. Would he dare to be as dismissive as this when asked about jihadi attacks on American interests?

Dr Manmohan Singh’s government went overboard when it announced that the India-Pakistan peace process is irreversible. That was way too premature and allowed Musharraf to squeeze out of the box he found himself after 9/11 brought Pakistan’s role as a frontline sponsor of terrorism to the fore.

Both India and Pakistan will enjoy the benefits of peace, but the price of that peace cannot be paid by India alone. Apart from appearing to drop claims and delusions, there is precious little that Pakistan has brought to the table. The least Musharraf could do is not belittle the deaths of victims of terrorists that Pakistan helped create.

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  2. Getting RAW to do “something” does nothing for India. Unlike dictatorial Pakistan India still has institutions and some level of transparency. What is missing is not a need to spawn terrorism a la Pakistan but taking a cold hard look at the facts and for Indian politicians and diplomats to stop going jelly-kneed every time they visit Pakistan and are treated to kebabs and qawwalis. It also means standing up to American policy makers who seem to have deluded themselves into believing that the Pakistani military can be an “ally” at any level

  3. Just for curiosity,
    what do you think is the solution to terrorism.?
    Do you think that terrorism will be over if kashmir is settled?

  4. Gaurav,

    Terrorism may or may not be over if Kashmir is settled, but will certainly be dealt a body blow if Pakistan is settled.

  5. Nitin,

    Could not agree more 🙂

    May be Pakistan should have been “settled” long ago.

  6. I am astonished by the reports of massive protests in Pulwama against “state sponsored terrorism”! Isn’t it amazing that a whole community can believe in a white lie like that?

  7. Jagdish, RAW has never “done anything” till date, and will never do anything. RAW is bound by too many things. ISI is a lot more devious and has a lot more “power”. We can’t help the fact that we are a democracy.

    All the peace brouhaha is only superficial. There is no longterm “peaceful” solution to Terrorism. The problem will reduce only if something radical happens, the chances of which are slim.

  8. Vulturo,

    Something radical may well be afoot. History bears witness that Pakistan under military dictatirshipos, sans any half-effective checks-and-balances system tend to abuse power and make himalayan blunders. One such cost them half the country (B’desh in 1971), another cost them their fond delusions about the “cultural superiority of the marital muslims against craven hindus” (Recall 1965) and the latest of course was kargil which cost them diplomatic capital in that even the Americans and the Chinese refused to believe that the “mujahideen” fighting in Kargil had nothing to do with the Pak army.

    Wonder what blunder they are planning next. Hopefully it will be radical enough to deal body blows to jihadi terror.

  9. Ok, in that case, if not RAW, get Advani to do the job. He now has
    a huge fan following there. No one will suspect him. Once he does
    the job, uska hawai jahaaz Pakistan ke baarder se dooor Birmingham
    pahunch chuka hoga …

  10. Sudhir – I can only hope so. Lets keep fingers crossed and hope that Pakistan really screws up. Once more

    Jagadish – LMAO

  11. Pakistan is no doubt the mastermind behind India’s problem of terrorism. But, don’t you people think we, collectively, are also responsible. I know you might be thinking I am crazy. But, think about this.
    – How could Pakis get 50% of J&K?
    – Wasn’t it because of our ‘adarshwadi’ (Congress) attitude of peace?
    – Aren’t we responsible in a way, by not highlighting the terrorism in J&K and elsewhere in India by ISI, bringing a global audience to this situation?
    – And, actually is terrorism in India limited only to J&K?
    Last night I have seen here in ETV2 a Telugu newschannel, that actually ISI is trying to build up J&K type of scenario in Assam as well. Alot number of Bangladeshis entering India are muslims and ISI is trying to aggrevate them and ultimately make them demand for a separate nation. Our bloodsucking politicans are backing these Muslims, b’cauz they form a major vote bank to them.(I don’t mean any disrespect to Muslim.)
    Surely, there is a lot of help that requires from outside, I mean internationally. But, there is also an urgent need for us to change the way we are looking at this problem. We need to mount pressure on our Govt. to take touch stance on Terrorism and relive people sufferng from terrorism in anyway. And, that mostly means on Cong. which is nothing more than a sitting duck. We must recognize that terrorism is not limited to J&K, but to other places as well.

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