An Indian blogger’s letter to the Pakistani people


Dear Pakistani People,

We like Pakistani people. And we dont just mean Adnan Sami, Jal or Strings – we mean regular Pakistani folks. In fact, we like most people and cultures. Heck, we tolerate Laloo and he’s totally out of this world. We can understand your accent much easier than his!

Most people of the world like India too, and love to visit us (unless they are coming to play cricket). After they get over their severe stomach upset, most tourists enjoy our hospitality. Our best cities are a wonderful melting pot of different religions and cultures. Globalization in India has given some of our cities the opportunity to become global melting pots (the heat helps too). You guys should see the number of foreigners patiently standing in line (even when there is none!) applying for drivers licenses in Bangalore and Pune. Some foreigners are even standing in line to become our next Prime Minister. Getting a drivers license is easier. [Vichaar]

If you think that’s a good start, it gets much better after this.

4 thoughts on “An Indian blogger’s letter to the Pakistani people”

  1. hahahhahhaaa!! you are very funny altho the stuff you write is very serious.

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