Cleaning up the skeletons

“A new and revealing-if-true account of Pakistan’s active role in jihadist terrorism”

That’s what Jim Hoagland calls it. Nawaz Sharif used al Qaeda funds to dislodge Benazir Bhutto from power. He also received funds from Osama bin Laden for the jihad in Kashmir. And Shiekh Rashid Ahmed, the cabinet-minister-who-ran-terrorist-camps, turns out to be a hustler to who the jihad was just another business enterprise. These are just some of the revelations made by Khalid Khawaja, a former ISI-operative in an interview with Asia Times.

While India does not need a Pakistani intelligence agent to affirm anything, the following admission should put paid to Pakistan’s endless rhetoric.

Asia Times: Did not Pakistan morally support the Kashmiri struggle so that the Muslim population would get its rights?

Khalid Khawaja: What are you talking about? Indian Muslims enjoy more rights than Muslims enjoy in Pakistan. There are hundreds of Pakistani people, including army-men, clerics, scholars and common people, who have been missing from their homes for over two years. It is a known fact that they were picked up by intelligence agencies. They were never tried in any court of law. Several of them were killed without any trail. Even the British system of justice during British India days was better, when nobody was kept in detention without trial. We ask, okay, don’t give us the rights that free nations have, but at least give us those rights people had during the time of the British Raj.

A few years ago, a Muslim was picked by an Indian intelligence agency. Prominent Muslim leader and scholar Maulana Asad Madani met the governor of the province and protested. The governor said that this kind of interrogation was common in Pakistan, “So why do you protest in India?” Asad Madani reminded the governor in very strong words that this was not Pakistan, but India, and one had to produce a person in court, so eventually the Muslim was produced. [Asia Times]

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  1. Nitin,

    No offense…
    But why is the need for stating the obvious
    Indians already know it.
    Pakistanis admit it. (They call it freedom movement)
    Americans know it but they couldnt care less because
    1) It isn’t americans who are dying
    2) Generalassimo provides a bulwark against Mad mullahs

    Considering this, however right we may be it will be SNAFU only.


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