Nepal’s Maoist rebels attack India

Birds of the feather unite

That links exist between Nepal’s Maoist rebels and their Indian namesakes is well-known. But in what is purported to be the first such case, the Maoists from either side of the India-Nepal border have joined forces to attack Indian installations: two state-owned banks and a police station came under a surprise attack by 400 Maoist guerillas in India’s Bihar state. About a hundred of those guerillas were from Nepal.

Communist literature in the Hindi language was found at the site of the gun battle…

“Seize the property of the government and hasten the people’s war,” said a flyer, a copy of which was shown to journalists. It was signed by the Communist Party of India Maoist. [The Hindu]

India’s weak-kneed, Communist-sympathising home ministry has reacted: it has asked for a report. That report, no matter how explosive its contents, is likely to end up as the home minister’s seat cushion.

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