“But now we can start again”

Pakistan’s jihadi training camps are back in action

When Dr Manmohan Singh referred to Pakistan’s intact terrorist infrastructure during his visit to Gleneagles for the G-8 summit, he was making a molehill of what really is a mountain. The Indian government also downplayed the role of the Lashkar-e-Taiba, a Pakistan-based jihadi organisation in the recent terrorist attack at Ayodhya. With the Indian government in no mood to give credit where it is due, it fell to the Pakistani media to do the honours. The Herald reports on the emperor’s new clothes:

‘‘Our transport fleet is back, electricity has been restored and the communications system is in place,’’ says the guide. The main building — a concrete and timber structure which houses a prayer hall, four residential halls, a library and office space — is also back in shape. Militants on duty carry automatic weapons and wear shalwar-kameezes printed with a camouflage design. Those who are off duty rest in the four halls, each equipped with 15 to 20 sleeping bags laid out on thin mattresses that cover the floor. An intercom system in the library connects various parts of the vast training camp.

Enquiries reveal that at least 13 major camps in the Mansehra region were revived during the first week of May. These camps are located in the areas of Pano Dheri, Jallo, Sufaida, Ogi, Khewari, Jabba, Batrasi, Naradoga, Akherilla, Hisari, Boi, Tanglaee and Achherian. As the camps reopen, managers claim trained militants as well as new aspirants are flocking to enlist for jihad. [IE, quoting the Herald]

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  2. Nitin,

    Yeah, the PM’s stance on this and other security issues is worrisome. Even Shekhar Gupta, in his latest editorial, expresses misgivings about the GOI’s ‘soft’ stance against terrorism.

    And yet, I wonder if the reactivation of the jihadi camps might not be a sign that the GOI hasn’t given away the store to the Pakistan in the ongoing negotiations. Hence their decision to ramp up the terror machine, again.


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  4. Shivani,

    Quite unusual workload these days at the place which pays my salary 🙂

  5. Are we supposed to work for our salary ….. (The Horror,The Horror)

    On a serious note.
    India will not do anything about it.
    My only hope is that Pakistan will disintegrate as a result of growing extremism…
    Then ofcus some loony mullahs will possess nukes and then
    (Here my script about post apocalyptic movie starts)

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