Pakistan’s Comical Ali (2)

Again, not at all funny, Mr Jilani

Foreign Office spokesman Jalil Abbas Jilani said Pakistan had strongly condemned the attack on the Ayodhya site. “It’s imperative that the matter is properly investigated to establish the true identity of the attackers,” he added. Mr Jilani said sometimes police authorities apportion blame on “foreign elements” in order to avoid responsibility to apprehend the real culprits. [DT]

The Special Task Force of Uttar Pradesh Police on Friday claimed that Lashkar-e-Toiba was behind the attack on the makeshift temple complex in Ayodhya on July 5, identified the terrorists and traced the trail of terror.

UP Director-General of Police Yashpal Singh told a press conference that barring one, all the terrorists killed were ‘‘foreign nationals.’’ [IE]

It took the Indian police ten days of investigations to conclude that the terrorists did indeed come from Pakistan. It took the British police far less time to conclude the same. Of course, Mr Jilani would not dare to ask Sir Ian Blair to investigate the matter properly — his boss has already ordered yet another crackdown on terrorists who Mr Jilani said did not exist at all.

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  1. While Jilani is a liar, UP police didn’t help matters by burying the terrorists before finding their identities.

  2. Actually its very typical of the entire Ummah…jews were responsible for 9-11 , hindus burnt themselves in Godhra , Ayodhya attackers were hindutva fanatic ….Dont you see – the whole bunch of them – the Jews , Christians and Hindoos are together in the conspiracy to malign the good name of Islam and muslims.

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