The weekly blogside view of the Indian economy (17)

The not-so-blind men (and women) of Hindustan tell it from their perspective.

A selection of last week’s posts

India with its $691 billion economy has entered the global top 10, writes Reuben Abraham and Brad DeLong covers a story about the South Asian Tiger.

Kautilya gathers evidence to support the case that India too is facing a housing bubble and Rashmi Bansal states the real state of real estate. Meanwhile, Victoria Hotel, once a Bangalore landmark, has made way for a modern shopping mall, observes Sandeep. And noting that PVR multiplexes are about to enter the Chennai market, Kaps contemplates what makes audiences pay a premium to go to one of them. As Akshay writes, single screen cinemas are having a rough going, at least in Mumbai. But here’s something for Kaps to contemplate next — why people buy overpriced coffee. Starbucks, reports Vikram Arumilli, is coming to India.

The energetic Indic View reports that some popular Indian trains have left the station on bio-diesel, prompting Reuben to ask whether bio-diesel supplies can match the market demand. And as Amardeep notes, it is energy along with drug patents and airline routes that will be on the agenda when Singh meets Bush in Washington this week.

Dan Drezner reviews Suketu Mehta’s take on offshoring. Badri draws attention to the sorry state India’s innovators find themselves in.

60,000 Indian villages hooked up to broadband by 2007 — that’s the target for Mission-2007, which aims to create a million knowledge workers within the year, leaving Dina Mehta impressed.

Bibek Debroy took the honourable way out when the Congress party’s politics got ahead of economic realities, leading Ashish to conclude that some daughter-in-laws do become like their mother-in-laws.

And there were some posts pushing the intellectual envelope too. Is monarchy consistent with the libertarian ideal as Sauvik contends, or not, as Ravikiran counters? Has liberalisation of the economy been accompanied by liberalisation of the mind, as Vivek suggests? And perhaps more importantly, can arranged marriage be termed ‘Indian roulette’, as Michael Higgins argues?

And finally, here on The Acorn, the thing about mobile phones and economic growth.

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