Musharraf blames Britain

…for doing nothing to stop terrorism

Musharraf found it appropriate to tell “England” to put its own house in order — why, the British love for such things as human rights, liberty and freedom of speech has prevented it from banning extremist organisations.

“What did England do about this (the fatwah). Have they banned these organisations? Have they arrested the person who has done that? No, nothing. In the name of human rights, in the name of liberty, human liberty, freedom of speech, this is going on… Please set your own house in order. Everyone has to do something,” Musharraf said. [Rediff]

It didn’t quite strike the General that in the war on terror, of which he claims to be a frontline ally, it is human rights, liberty and freedom of speech that is being defended.

But this public outburst against Britain has proven all too costly for Gen Musharraf — with a second round of terror attacks in London, few Britons will appreciate advice on ‘putting their own house in order’ from Musharraf, of all people. In between its continuing coverage of the second round of terror attacks, the ‘BBC’ was broadcasting footages of Gen Musharraf and Prince Turki, the Saudi ambassador (and former partner of the ISI and the Taleban) blaming the British government for tolerating religious extremists. Their PR advisors will almost surely have a rough time now.

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10 thoughts on “Musharraf blames Britain”

  1. That is a really wierd statement to make, and incredibly stupid.

    Since when has a ban stopped someone from exploding bombs. It seems odd, too, that when the US was hit in 9/11, Musharraf promised all support and did many things to show this. But, when England is hit, he is taking a confrontational and defensive (even defiant) posture. Should this different attitude tell us something ?

    Is there more than just definace in this ? Maybe the things are not turning out quite that well for Musharraf ? Or, maybe he doesn’t get F-16s and billions of dollars in aid from the UK, so he doesn’t feel the need to cozy up to England like he does to the US. Maybe he thinks the effort of keeping up the double game with US and UK to be too much, and prefers to stick only to the US ?????

  2. Gentlemen – while Musharraf is conceited and hypocritical here, there is no denying that HMG has always nurtured other country’s terrorists. LTTE, Sikh terrorists, Kashmiri terrorists, you name it, everybody has a home in London.

  3. As much as I hold General in contempt,I think General has a point here. Britain for long has been tolerating extremist organistation advocating terror on foreign soils, this policy has clearly backfired.
    India had a similiar experience in Sri Lanka, thankfully our leaders learned the lessons.

  4. Gaurav has a point. Compared with the US, France, and Germany, the Brits have long turned a bling eye to the fanatics in their midst, and have maintained an asylum policy more willing to provide haven to religious extremists. I attribute this at least in part to post-colonial guilt. And while one of the goals in the war on terror is to safeguard liberty and freedom of speech, I don’t think there’s any Western country where freedom of speech covers advocating violence against innocent civillians, or your resident country’s troops.

    That said, Musharraf’s comments were clearly ill-advised from a PR standpoint, and smacked of more than a little hypocrisy.

  5. Britain has more than just harboured known terrorists, it has actively collaborated with the U.S. to configure Pakistan into the jihadi manufacturing complex that it is today.

    As a small (but ugly) parallel example, Jagjit Singh Chauhan, the self styled ‘President of Khalistan’ was allowed by the Brits to set up a provisional government of Khalistan, nominate a Khalistani parliament, collect taxes from sikhs in India, open a Khalistan House in London etc. Washington & London even collaborated at the highest levels to allow Chauhan to travel freely between UK/ USA even after India nullified Chauhan’s Indian passport. This would be akin to india allowing the IRA to set up shop in India.

    In my view, Mushy is neither stupid nor defensive in making these comments. Rather, it is a small warning to the brits to tone down their anti-pak rhetoric – after all, there is supposed to be honour among thieves.


  6. It completely baffles me why the world cannot see what a crook Musharraf is. His attitude towards the UK contradictory to how he reacted after 9/11. What other events will be necessary, before someone decides that he has to go and runs a covert operation to get him out of power. I personally would like that he is abducted out of his country and put before the World Court in the Hague and tried on the same lines as Milosevic has been. Asking that of the Pakistanis I guess is too much.

  7. For once, the General is absolutely right! While it may not have been a smart thing to say, basically he has ridiculed Britain for not being able to control home grown terrorists (never mind that they were indoctrinated and trained in Pak). He is quite right about that – and just look at the number and the variety of terrorists who have found shelter in Britain. It is a favourite holiday destination of jihadists. Why, even murderer Nadeem is enjoying their hospitality, thanks to British notions of free and fair trials in a third world country like India. No such issues with those wanted at Guantanamo Bay.

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