On board the INS Viraat

The flesh is weak, but the spirit is strong

INS Viraat - Photo source: Janes

The age shows. But the spirit showed much more. The Indian navy lieutenant who showed visitors around had cancelled his home leave just so that he could sail on Viraat.

INS Viraat, along with four other ships from the Indian navy is on a goodwill mission to South East Asia.

Related Link: Return of the Viraat, a photo essay on the refitting of the Indian Navy’s aircraft carrier; and the soon to be inducted INS Vikramaditya (formerly, the Admiral Gorshkov).

4 thoughts on “On board the INS Viraat”

  1. Here’s a fun factoid: The U.S. Navy has 21 operational aircraft carriers of the Viraat size or larger (12 that are much much larger). The rest of the world: maybe 6 to 9 (it depends on what you would consider operational).

    All those aircraft carriers…and not one is any use against bin Laden.

  2. “All those aircraft carriers…and not one is any use against bin Laden.”

    But they were essential in providing emergency relief after the tsunami. An aircraft carrier can produce several thousand gallons of potable drinking water, which was an immediate need after the disaster. Not to mention ferrying personnel and supplies.

  3. Michael,

    I’m not sure I fully agree with that. If the President Bush didn’t have one of them at his disposal, he too may have received a ‘put your own house in order’ lecture from Gen Musharraf 🙂

    Besides, suggesting that the aircraft carriers are useless against Bin Laden is like saying, for example, that the United States has 6500 radiotherapy machines but not one of them can stop the flu virus.

    But that’s a question for America. My point was that the Indian Navy needs new aircraft carriers.

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