Stubborn leaders of free people

No compromises

Cicero draws lessons from the politics of Churchill and Gandhi (via Winds of Change)

Those who invoke Gandhi’s principles in defense of appeasing Islamic fascists are disingenuous. There are very few in the West who make the Gandhi Argument while living the same ascetic life that he led, which was integral to his pacifism. Gandhi largely avoided deal-making with his enemies. This can hardly be said of many “antiwar” proponents. Western European nations simultaneously invoke words of Gandhian pacifism while living enriched lives. Some of them work to facilitate arms sales to Communist China; France and Russia had lucrative deals with Saddam during the sanctions regime, while UN cronies raked in money from the Oil For Food program. Such hypocrisy goes far beyond pacifism, straight to appeasement.

In spite of Churchill’s and Gandhi’s opposing politics, there’s hope to be found in their commonality as stubborn leaders of free people. [Donklephant]

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  1. Actually, I have come to realize that it is best not to dig too deeply into how much of a saint Gandhi was. Can we say “khilafat”?

    A heavily sanitized version of Gandhi has been promoted by the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty and has effectively brainwashed the Indian masses so that the name “Gandhi” is sufficient to get utter morons “elected” to any political position including the highest.

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