So who are the real party poopers?

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Following a threepart report on surge in Pakistan-sponsored terrorist infiltration into Kashmir, the Indian Express informs us that despite all the hope and hype, Musharraf’s Pakistan continues with its terrorist enterprise in Kashmir. Bizarrely, it sees this as a result of a failure of American pressure on Gen Musharraf.

It was only a couple of months ago that the Indian Express published an op-ed essay by Pratap Bhanu Mehta that characterised those who doubted Musharraf’s bonafides as cowards and party poopers, whose wholesome distrust of the General led them to miss new opportunities. Well, with the Pakistan and its terrorists reclaiming their status as party poopers (with a bang), it is just as well those ‘opportunities’ were missed. Some of the opportunities that did get through have rather been busy slitting the throats of innocent villagers and shooting civilians and television cameramen in Srinagar’s city centre.

And it was just a few months ago that the same newspaper’s foreign affairs columnist, C Raja Mohan, who so generously made out a case for ceasing counter-terrorist operations in Kashmir. The folly of that prescription should now be apparent: the Indian defence minister has announced that troop positions along the Line of Control will now be reinforced.

The complete cessation of Pakistan’s support for cross-border infiltration and terrorism is an acid test of Musharraf’s bonafides. There always was and there now further evidence to conclude that Musharraf blew it.

Blaming the Americans for failing to exert enough pressure on Pakistan is beside the point. The Indian government, and not the American one, is responsible for ensuring India’s security. While it is true that terrorists must not be allowed to disrupt the peace process, the logic of negotiating with unrepentent sponsors of terrorism remains as open to question today as it always was.

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  1. It is complete bullshit to expect America to put pressure on Pakistan to stop the inflitration. When the f*** is Indian Intellectuals/Politicians going to learn that nobody else is ever going to take care of our dirty laundry. Americans will stop when the terrorists stop hating Americans. They will not give a rat’s ass if they keep attacking India or any other place.

    Indians need to stand up for themselves and take care of things by themselves. We got enough firepower to get the things right, but our politicians lack confidence, character and will power to take care of anything.

  2. The winds of change that blow across the top most level in Pakistan’s power echelons and its consequent blow-back in India is largely orchestratrated by the US. Add to that General Musharraf’s home agenda to hang on to power he needs to keepthe Islamic fundamentalist threat ostensibly alive.

    Read Ahmed Rashid’s excellent analysis here:

    The solution to keep Kashmir Indian is twofold. Re-populate and civil upliftment whilst keeping extremely tight security vigilance. Once you take the wind out of the Pakistani sails you can achieve what Tony Blair has been able to in Northern Ireland.

  3. It would be foolish to believe that Pakistan is ever going to stop supporting terrorism against India. The only time it will stop is when India finally invades Pakistan to reclaim land lost 50-something years ago. Failing that, the terrorists will alway be there, ready and waiting. Peace process or not, the terrorists are an “effective tool” Pakistan uses. It also helps prevent some of its own rabble from imploding Pakistan by redirecting the anger outward. The more terrorists in Pakistan, the stronger Busharraf’s argument becomes (About TINA – i.e. There Is No Alternative) – “See if not me then who?”. America is NEVER going to wake up to Pakistani terrorism. At least not for the next century or so. We’re going to have to go it alone, almost makes me wish we had the Old BJP back in power!

  4. “Indians need to stand up for themselves and take care of things by themselves. We got enough firepower to get the things right, but our politicians lack confidence, character and will power to take care of anything.”

    This is exactly why I commented earlier that only US can take Paki terror schools out. Right now the momentum is there but with the current bunch of gutless politicians around we will not do anything. This is why today people increasingly earn for a leader like Indira Gandhi.

  5. It is foolish to even think of an Indo-Pak war.

    1. Unlike Pak, India has become integral to the U.S. economy. Due to outsourcing & offshoring, a significant portion of the american GDP value chain now goes through India. In the event of war, it will not take long before the likes of Bill Gates, Murthy, Premji etc. are at the PMO with powerpoints & graphics to show how the war will stop outsourcing.

    2. An Indo-Pak war may well play into Pak’s hands. All that pak has to do is to drop a hint that it is willing to play the nuclear card & the rest of the world will come running with their guns drawn. A Kashmir “settlement” will be forced down India’s throat & an international peace-keeping force will be stationed at the new, permanent border.

    The current Indian approach seems fine to me. Control the flood in Kashmir & wait for pak to self-destruct.

  6. “wait for Pak to self-destruct”
    Not possible as long as the Yankees give all the moolah Mushy asks for. And Mushy knows how to keep that tap flowing.

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