But he didn’t inhale

What does it take to be called nuclear proliferation?

Thanks to the Dear Leader’s continuing intransigence in over his nuclear weapons programme there is considerable pressure on the Pakistani government to come clean on the extent of Khan the Centrifugist’s collaboration with North Korea. Gen Musharraf has been compelled to admit a little more of the truth.

“Dr. A. Q. Khan’s part is only enriching the uranium to weapons grade,” General Musharraf said. “He does not know about making the bomb. He does not know about the trigger mechanism. He does not know about the delivery system.” But investigators who dismantled Libya’s nuclear program, also provided by the Khan network, found blueprints of a nearly complete Chinese design for a nuclear weapon apparently obtained by Dr. Khan. It is unclear whether North Korea received the same design. [NYT]

Here’s a man Musharraf pardoned owing to him being a national hero, the father of Pakistan’s nuclear bomb. While Pakistanis continue to revere him as the man who built the bomb, Musharraf would have the rest of the world believe that apart from spinning uranium in centrifuges, Khan didn’t know much else.

Musharraf would also have the world believe that Khan shipped entire centrifuges using the largest aircraft in the Pakistani air force (supplied by the United States) without the knowledge of the military authorities.

And the good people at Stratfor are wondering if Musharraf is lying to the United States?

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  1. Dear Nitin,
    Have you read the Daily Times/ Pakistan news account of Karamat’s meeting with the Washington Policy Analysis Group in Wash DC?

    I think this meeting / Amb’s address to WPAG took place on Friday ( PTI report is vaguely worded in this regard ), Aug 26th. General Karamat is one better than Gen. Mush in terms of bluff and bluster. Looks like now the Pakistanis ( keeping up with their strategy to imitate India on all fronts and all angles ) are ready to play the game with the Jewish shakers and movers in DC and the East Coast. Mush is going to address AIPAC in Sep 2005.

    I have been wanting to communicate with you for quite sometime now. Please keep up the excellent work reflected in your blogs. We have identical views on India’s national security related issues. For 50 plus years, from the era of JFDulles to Condi Rice, the Yankee Doodles have not got the proper measure of Pakistan. It has been a case of betting on the wrong horse all along. Listening to the hardened mind set of the DODwallahs ( Gen Powell, Gen Zinni , vagera, vagera ) has hurt America.

    Kind regards

    Swami Iyer
    Lexington, MA

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