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Indian authorities detain an arms shipment headed for Indonesia

Authorities in Kolkata have detained MV Eugenia, a Honduran registered ship bound for Indonesia.

Official sources said, “the vessel has been carrying arms, ammunition and 20 tonnes of explosives. It’s a huge consignment and a serious matter. Unless Indonesian authorities inform us that this consignment is meant for them, we cannot allow the vessel to leave the Kidderpore docks.” [The Hindu]

Given the number of rebels, guerrillas, terrorists and pirates that line the eastern shore of the Bay of Bengal, detaining the ship is a responsible move. Indeed, in the years ahead, India will have to scale up its investment in maritime surveillance and interdiction in the Bay of Bengal region, through to the Straits of Malacca.

Update: Although Customs authorities are convinced that the shipment is legal, the Navy is keeping watch over the ship while it is docked in Kidderpore. The coast guard will escort the ship while it remains in Indian waters.

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  1. I’d say give a firm deadline to Indonesia and if there is no reply, unload the ship and distribute the arms to CRPF and army depots in the northeast and let the empty ship sail!!

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