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PublicGyan was concieved primarily with bloggers in mind. We are therefore on a constant lookout for ways by which we can make it ever more closely knit part of the blogging community. Here are some new developments:

Our friend Srijith is on a roll. In just a matter of days he has released three plugins — for Blogger, MovableType and WordPress — that enable bloggers to display their PublicGyan profile on their blogs. The PluginGyans and details on how to use them are available from the PublicGyan blog.

Using Technorati incoming links, your blog name is featured on the prediction pages whenever you link to it (see example). This should help PublicGyan users to read about what other bloggers are writing about particular predictions before they make up their minds.

Most importantly, we have new moderators who will arbitrate predictions and decide on which which submissions are appropriate for trading on PublicGyan. JK, Amit Varma, Patrix and Jagadish are the bloggers on the Bench.

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