Shaking down the jihadi infrastructure

Nature does what Musharraf did not

Rahul Bedi reports that the earthquake caused significant damage to Pakistan’s jihadi infrastructure.

Training camps used by jihadists battling with the Indian army for control of Kashmir were buried by landslides or left in ruins by the earthquake, bringing hope of a new opportunity for peace-making after a 16-year Islamic insurgency.

Security analysts said yesterday that the earthquake in Pakistan’s highly-militarised Kashmir region had “significantly depreciated” the insurgents’ capacity to carry on their fight for independence in neighbouring Indian-administered Kashmir.

“The militant groups and their army handlers will now be totally absorbed in relief, rescue and rehabilitation efforts,” said Arun Sahgal, of the United Service Institution in New Delhi.

Military sources said that an estimated 1,000 Pakistani soldiers died in the earthquake after their concrete-roofed bunkers along the Kashmir frontier collapsed. Security sources said 15 militant training camps had been put out of action by the earthquake.

Almost all groups fighting the Indian army in Kashmir had ”camp offices” either in Muzafarrabad, the devastated capital of Pakistan-administered Kashmir, or surrounding areas. [Telegraph]

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